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Now bout Ed's mysterious numbers....

I have looked for the past week to find the calculator I used online to find this connection but unfortunately cannot find it. Anyways, about two years ago I punched those numbers on a x and y parts on some sort of tesla frequency calculator. The numbers that it equaled to were 7.83. So I search that number and low and behold it is the frequency of earth. I thought I would share this with everyone. I really wish I found the same calculator I used online...


  • Wow! So does anyone know how or even if, one could choose their own imigration numbers? I know these numbers have been found on Ed's documentation but perhaps he could pick them? That doesn't seem likely so, could he have manipulated them on the documentation?

    And how exactly could there be so many mysteries surrounding one man!?
  • You know... His acts, numbers, circumstances, coincidencies, might be pre-selected and guided by some other means or maybe entities... Who knows...
  • Yes there definitely some sort of thing that presents us with coincidences to let us know we are on the right path... Every since I have been seeking truth, things all connect to one another. It's very mind blowing!
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