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Moon "compass"

edited March 2015 in Edward Leedskalnin
It seems like the moon fountain represents a compass of sorts....16 Cardinal points, the mark on the edge. But what is the raised, comma shaped edge? Anyone familiar with compasses?'perhaps an unusual or ancient one?


  • I have bought a cheap Compass yesterday, and i saw these 16 cardinal points and i thought.... clear! sweet sixteen!!
    What i also noticed... when the Compass stays in horizontally position, than the soth end of the needle rised up and the north end sinked....
    What do you think?
  • I've read why that happens "somewhere" I'll have to go into my notes. I was thinking all along about sweet sixteen too, just not sure what it all means!!!

    But since I posted this thread, my daughter and I expanded on it. See the thread Let's Get In Ed's Head
  • Hi Flem, i have read the thread... I am sure, that the sweet sixteen is not the Ed's bride!! Have You seen the pics of Masons Lodge in Pensylvania? You should see the pics with your daughter. The sun there is drown with seexteen cardinal pointers....
    The reaso are magnets send from earth poles. Thar wrote ED in his 'Magnetic Current'.
  • I have seen that and the video that Jeremy Stride made at code144 (which down BTW. Hopefully not forever). I've tried to find written references for the reason for 16 have so far come up short.

    I definitely think a new/fresh girl in ABIEH, refers to new magnets from the sun I recently read some magnetic research where people were put in a chamber to prevent exposure to magnetic fields and they suffered almost immediately. The scientist had proposed that there were two separate fields... Atmospheric and from earth and said he atmospheric was yang (yeah he said yang) and the earth field was considered yin. Another part of the experiment allowed he people to receive half (I think yang) magnets and not yin and the people had different, yet definite, I'll effects.
  • *ill effects
  • edited April 2015
    that is true what you writes.... There lived in Austria a man name Shauberger, that was a forester, that saw how water can be purified, when it swimms in whirlpools as in the Nature... and he wrote, that we should not control the rivers, only let them flow how they want... and the water is soiled with electromagnetic waste. That, that water in tap or bottles is for men useless, because it does not clean our body from poison. When the person drink watter the lipps are wet and the thirst is satisfied, but when you trink bottle water your lipps are at once dry!!
    It everything is connected with elecromagnetics! Prof. Yamamoto Eperimenents from Japan etc....
    The holy water is that water, from special spring, that supports it electromagnetic properties in bottle too.
    There is so much to write about that! But everything is connected with electromagnetism! Our pinealgland too, where you have rods as in the eye in brain water, that functions as antenna... I can write you whole day about theese things.

    'allowed he people to receive half (I think yang) magnets' - What about HAARP ? What about GSM transmitters, that work at the freqencies of human brain?? What about the W-lan?? and and and..... ??

    Ìn Eds place, there is water everywhere, the fountains, the sundail can be filled with water, the well and so one....

    As i saw the Masons loudge in Pensylvania i think that, the sweet sixteen could be simplest the sun itself. Agnes Scuffs---> my wife told me, that the name sound strange und said it is clear for me: Magnes Scuffs.... Only we can't figer it out what scuffs could mean, because englinsh is not our mother language...

    I think Ed knew the secret and without doubt he left clues in every form for next generations, that we can now it rediscover.

  • Kubeq_sq,

    Wow, I'm so excited about you're enthusiasm, it's like I'm reading my own writing! I know about Shauberger, I actually only recently learned about him...amazing.

    Okay, what I'm about to say might spin your brain a little. According to a Latvian author who wrote a book about Ed, more about him in Latvia and a possible history of his being involved with revolutionary activities... Anyway, he seems to have found concrete evidence that the girl who did not marry Ed was named Hermine Luse and she was older (18 I think). Here's the brain spin part: as far as I know, Ed never wrote Agnes Scuffs but only spoke her name AND according to the above author, in Latvia there are also the names Scuvst and Skupsts! They could all sound like the same name. So, if Ed only spoke the name, it could be any spelling. Also, the author said that Agnes Scuvst in Latvian, means "innocent kiss".
  • Hi Flemm it is very interesting ! I have seen that film on youtube about Ed... It could be , that he maent the innocent kiss , but i think it is possible too , that he thougt about scuffing magnets (i have taped scuff in the dictionary and it is a word in english!)

    There is many people in the past they have discovered the ancient knowledge and could not publish they theories. I think we should add to the name list the russian etmonologist: Victor Grebennikov with his theory about CSE (form radiation ). he discovered antigravity by the insects (what can we find on ancient egyptian heroglyphs?) He wrote one book ,my world'. One chapter transleted into.english can be found on keelynet... What can we find on his picture in the book? A U-shaped magnet! You must see the 4 films about the effect. Link below....

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    What I find interesting about the moon fountain is the combination of these symbols
    Aside from Cymatics, compass, it could represent the phases of the moon
    There are phases of the moon, 16 marks on the sides, the raised edge could represent a time frame for moon phases. The cut could also represent the start, the beginning of the moon cycle.
    The hexagram in the middle is a bit odd... older masons consider it balance and harmony. Star of David, star in the East? There are dozens of meanings. What does it have to do with the moon?
    Ed had a photo of the Crescent and the Star in one of his older ABIEH books
    You can Google a few theories, the Crescent and the Star is an old symbol, still used today.
    The moon is known to amplify energy, alignments are key as we all know, Ed understood this with Giza
    A map of Eds place will need to be made, documenting the phases of the moon in relation to the moon fountain, and when "this star" is present. Which star is it?
    Has anyone started or know of someone who has made a map in detail?
  • All good ideas Dante. In researching the time frame and the raised edge, it will be necessary to know where the moon was in Ed's time. I found concrete info researching the sun's position and magnetic poles in history, so I'm pretty sure we can get that.

    An immediate thought occurs to me when you speak of the moon and star...looking at the fountain, what about a star behind the sun? But wait, that's crazy because to utilize it, it would have to be an ongoing event right? Unless Ed did everything overnight. I'm speakin too soon, I need to think; research.
  • Googling 16 moon phase pics, I came across what appears (need to research more), a system built around 16 and from a glance, found that this ideology found its way to Europe. Seems like a long shot but since Ed read everything who knows
  • Kubeq_sq,

    I found the article on, thanks! Grebennikov's findings are very interesting. If his theories about CSE are accurate, maybe Ed was using the empty cells, the honeycomb, with the coral blocks, since corsal is porous! I'm thinking though, that Grbennikov's wave energy are Ed's individual north and South Pole magnets.
  • When I read the first EDs history i thoght ok everything is possible. It could be also possible, that Ed have filled the blocks with iron sollution and loaded with magnets, that they would be repelled through earth. Then I found grebennikov and seen the bell, ring twice and so one and i thought ok, they both possible knew the same things.... than i read about Tesla and his patents... He said that his best invention is water turbine, when he was dying and when you analyse what is going on in the turbine, what do the particles of water inside you realize, that he also could say my best invetion is pancace coil!! and his laboratory was built on the land where was very much water and his tower was grounded in that water!! than come the piramids of Giza with their canals and the water erosion on the spinks. The piramids were grounded in the underneath water!! everything has connection. Piramids are everywhere! Egipt, China, Bosnia, Russia, South and North America....

    To the topic:
    maybe that 90° elevation is a dimmension of something? hight?or a piece of the horizont, where we can see the neede planet/star/moon??

  • Flem,I found it. The book ' Search for ancient knowledge' Erich von Däniken, Chapter 'Cheops Piramid' That was John Ora Kinnaman and William Flindersen Petrie, that did found the secret chamber and the antigravity device. There were papyrus from Atlantis, where was written, that the Piramid was built about 45000 years ago. He said that in the lecture in North Carolina on the masons forum in 1955!!

    Specially for YOU :)
  • I am thinking that they both had the same knowledge because while most people want to believe Ed had a secret taught to him by some long lost master, I think he was 1) really smart 2) had the patience to learn from what was going on around him. It certainly seems like Grbennikov learned that way.

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