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Mysterious pipe (Flem's pipe :))

edited March 2015 in Edward Leedskalnin
I've been around coral castle forums for a while and I've never seen reference to this. Let's call it Flems pipe LOL. This approximate 2" pipe came out behind his tool room. This would be located on the southwestern side of the room (opposite the flywheel) but there were tools and parts stacked against the wall inside so we couldn't confirm it inside.


Looking up, it is located to the west of the upstairs window


  • ..and now those images are also correctly rotated ;)
  • Thanks!? They came up that way with no way to manipulate them.
  • I wasn't sure where to post this.. there are numerous pipes in the ground at Rock Gate, which have been on my mind. They could carry a tone or a frequency, or apparently a place to throw trash?? ugh..
    Heron(Hero) of Alexandria(50AD) constructed pipes and conduits underground. One would approach the temple doors and light a fire on the altar.. the force of the steam created by the fire would be strong enough to open the doors.

    I am not sure if there are pipes near Eds BBQ? or at another possible heat source, perhaps there is a similar device at Rock Gate underground.
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    Dante, I searched out and found someone else's family pic of this pipe for another thread. This pipe's in the ground on the eastern side of Ed's bbq
  • There was a small building or shack there in Ed's day flem... it makes one wonder...
  • There is no reason why Ed could not use steam for a variety of things.... The pipe at BBQ is for oxygen from below and also he could superheat using a billow..the pressure cooker would reach even higher temperatures... many things one could do with the proper piping I think... and can make neat stuff in the pressure cooker... Maybe the stone beneath the nine ton plate is made in this way
  • Ones65118,
    Wow, didn't know about a shack there. Do you have a pic of that?
  • In the pictures you just see a roof line it appears to be a small shed and is nestled against the outer wall and back of tower, some pictures are not mine to share but i did see a couple in here already, i will try to locate the thread here. This also makes me think of my other question..Where did Ed go to bathroom and ...he did not waste anything so did he use it for something? If this pipe leads into tool room then i wonder about ground wires or was there something else in that shed... There was also a shack on the North east part of the lot that burned down would like more info on that as well but I think a lot of tools and things were just salvaged from the grounds possibly from that shed etc ..In the East on the grounds there is a fenced area what is in there? I think the shed that burned down is where Ed lived while constructing walls and then the tower. If you have more pictures of the back wall you will see roof line where little shed roof was attached I think... I will look for that picture
  • There is a pipe inside his living quarters that I believe (because of it height and exit path) was used as Ed's urinal.
  • I'm looking but I can't find any pics of the fenced area in the you have a pic, I don't know what you're talking about.
  • In the courtyard/field out by the trees there was an area fenced off with a short fence, perhaps it is gone now
  • knowing ed the pipes probably had multiple uses. i know he experimented with metal pipes or tubes as he called them with magnets and coils. is it possible he could have used the pipe as a conduit to send magnetic fields or possibly sounds waves? its not very likely but it sure would be pretty cool.
  • Mw5k,

    I think it would be a good idea to research what he may have done with the pipes. I'm on my phone and it's hard to navigate the site to find it but above the entrance I found a pipe stuck in the coral block that points straight you probably know, the bell at the entrance hangs from a horizontal pipe pointing inside. They are not in alignment but they still may be connected internally. Definitely something about the pipes!
  • i have also wondered if he may have used them to produce his own ormus or ferrofuid somehow. im sure he probably used them for other more normal tasks too like drainage, ventilation, transporting water, or possibly steam. But is it possible he was making his own ferrofuid to use to make a frictionless contact on his flywheel?(rather than normal water as many believe)
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