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Ed's "antenna"

edited March 2015 in Edward Leedskalnin
We noticed that Ed's radio wire ran from his southern facing window and then weaved back and forth across the wooden rafters (small wires, the others are new for tourist lighting) and ended at his stove.


  • @flem you have good observation skills.
    This is also the first time i see the picture of the ceiling there.

  • No problem Gardener, I hope you can help with my next post!
  • @flem How may i help you?
  • Gardener my daughter and I are on fire! Trying to work out a few details and then I'll post what we have. Right now, it appears to be a piece of the puzzle solved-meaning, I think it gets us in Ed's head to perhaps better understand how he leaves clues.
  • I believe, that sitting on his chair will bring you right into his thoughts! ;)
  • Maybe that was the trigger, cuz this sure looking HUGE!
  • Here is what i believe to be Ed's antenna on top of tower which would have connected in of course...Nice to see a clear pic of that ceiling :)
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