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Ed's Sculpture

edited March 2015 in Edward Leedskalnin
For anyone interested, I pointed my compass directly under the eyes of the face in Ed's sculpture and the eyes are looking at 16 degrees NE


  • edited March 2015
    16 again... very interesting.

    It also reminds me on "look east".
  • @flem
    Where is this face located?
  • image

    Also Dante, my daughter said you should know that one of those "concrete" marks was there as well.
  • Thanks for pointing it out
    I will be reading more into it.
  • Thanks flem this is very interesting. He also stared at his lily pools for 16 years.
  • You know, I once had a theory about Ed's pond. It is shaped very much like Oak Island (you know, the one with the boogie trapped well, people have tried to dig for generations). Back then, I confirmed that Ed created his pond and "they" have just refinished and maintained it over the years. If I remember right, the Polaris Telescope and in the vicinity of the pond as the "treasure" on Oak Island.
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