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"Marked" items at coral castle

edited March 2015 in Edward Leedskalnin
During our visit to coral castle yesterday, one of our goals was to find any significance of blocks which are unnamed or that seem insignificant. I had a hunch that they may be markers, pointers, or were placed to show direction or something. My daughter and I both noticed a smooth area on the first one of these we looked at which appears to be cement

Later in the day, my daughter came to the realization that these marks were in many places but not everywhere. We scouted thoroughly and I took pics of each and have used one of's aerial photos to show their position. I have no idea what they could mean, possibly star clusters mirrored on the ground, a constellation ? They were certainly purposely made--also, not all of them are on unnamed or insignificant blocks. One was on the small wall on the well and another at the base of one of the moons of the moon fountain. It appears from the code144 photo that there are possibly several more on the east wall...almost surely on top of Mars but since we couldn't climb up there to confirm, they are not circled. We really wanted the number of them to be 16...image

Any thoughts?


  • My wife, listening in on our conversation, offered a very intriguing idea: " perhaps these were smooth flat areas to place Leyden jars on". Well, to be honest, she said "all those jars wrapped in wire in his tool room". None the less, this seems plausible, though I don't know to what effect.
  • As i showed the Coral Castle plan to my wife, she said to me: 'It's look like an electric diagram!'
  • Oh man! I remember a post several years ago (not sure what forum), that suggested that the coral castle appeared to them to be an electric circuit. I didn't understand the lingo but one thing that stood out to me was that the 9 ton gate opened and closed the circuit. Even though I didn't understand it, that part was intriguing.
  • Polaris telescope is positive pole of the battery for example. The switch as you said is the 9 ton gate ist the switch. the wall where the obelisk is placed xould be the spark gap.... and so one. I have never seen this page, where that was written....
  • Not sure where I saw it. I'm thinking at but the forum has been shut down. I remember the person said they were versed in electric circuits but were not an electrician by trade.
  • the treasure map is an idea too. In this book 'forbidden knowledge' they write, that in the beginning of 20 Century was found in Kings Chamber in Gisa in hidden chamber an antigravity machine. It was took then through an University Prof. (Mason) in USA and hidden, because he said, that the humanity is not ready for this technology. If you wish I can find the names in the book and write you and the dates. All that is written in the book. Maybe had Ed connections to these people???
  • Oh yes, I would love to know more about that. If our theory about he moon compass representing a compass rose is right , then I have to wonder if the entire coral castle isn't a map or diagram.
  • The positioning of those small stones with smooth concrete inlays are one thing, I am willing to bet they were all marked at some point
    Are these smooth surfaces scratched in any way? or have faint markings on them?
    The one picture posted earlier shows the eye of Horus, what looks to be on a smooth concrete inlay

    It would be ideal to use a drone to take pictures from above
  • Dante, we weren't allowed to get up there and look at that one you posted. Well, I should say, get up there to look for more since at the time we didn't know that one existed, we had already gotten reprimanded for being where we weren't supposed too.

    There are no markings on the others at all. No matter what though, they are not an accident for sure.

    They have a sign when you go in that drones or other aerial photos are not allowed...of course you could launch off site I guess.
  • I assume it was over a safety issue?

    That is very unusual, perhaps your wife is right then and Leyden jars were placed ontop of these smooth surfaces, as nodes to contain energy or to encourage the "flow of energy"

    No aerial shots either? Do they sell any aerial shots on site? If they ban individuals from taking aerial shots then they should at the very least provide some of their own for sale.
  • First, don't get me started on what they "should" do...okay, you've opened the can of worms.
    1) before you actually get anywhere you pass a concession stand where they play this continuos video reel about Ed and it is SHIT. Not only is it poorly put together, it makes Ed seem like a lunatic.
    2) The two tour "guides". We were there last time for four solid hours taking measures and various things so we got to hear their speeches quite a bit. First, both their stories about Ed were completely different, both had inaccuracies but one was wrong about nearly everything he said--even my wife heard things she knew were inaccurate.
    3) they change things... Like the steel door was removed... Okay, this is an endless list.

    So, obviously that is a blurry pic and that eye could be shadows, dirt, or any number of anomolies however, what if...?!
    My daughter got just a bit excited just now as she was reading about the eye of Horus but let me ask this: do you (or anyone) know if Mars (that the "eye" is on) was actually called Mars by Ed? I don't ever remember reading too many actual accounts of Ed naming a lot of things. I ask because it seems like perhaps "someone" at some time called it Mars and the rest of us have gone along with it. What if it is the sun? That would certainly fit right in with the eye.
  • Oh, and yes it was a safety issue
  • I had no idea it was that bad, there is nothing more aggravating than a historical site dishonoring a great man or his work. I'm thankful they didn't pave over what he created, but still.
    In the coral castle statistical pages it mentions what these objects are... however it mentions "Coral Castle" and there isn't any mentioning of Ed quoting his work as Coral Castle.
    In the book " Mr Can't is Dead " Orvil mentions Ed made Mars because there might be life on it. I have to question this book because it does not mention anything about Eds Machine or his experiments, I find it a bit one sided, and really we can only understand what Ed did by what we know and our experiences. Orvil, being a close friend of Ed mentions he never saw him work at all either.
    I can only go by the true nature of alignments in the sky and by what the ancients have repeated through history.

    When I originally looked at Eds work I thought Saturn represented earth as you can see in this picture from another place loaded with history

  • Holy crap Dante! I grew up with a globe in my house and I never thought of that. Thanks
  • A picture with a few curiosities
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