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Is this really a video of Ed working????

I just found a video of Ed working... The video "debunks" eds work and methods but i still believe he solved anti gravity... what do you think?


  • You can't really debunk Ed because Ed never really made any claims except that he understood weight and leverage however, it is well documented that Ed and his friend moved Ed's tools to the present site and secured them before moving from Florida City. I personally do not think he could "float stones like hydrogen ballons" as claimed by the teens who claim to have witnessed him working but I also don't think everything he did is possible without something "special" that we currently don't understand. The difficulty of a crew of men and a crane trying to reset the 9 ton gate and it having failed soon after is proof of that. Not to mention that it never worked right, barely works now, and that Ed figured out a way to run a piece of metal through the center of it with a damn long drill... And perfectly center it.
  • Yes very true! Did you watch the video though? I have never seen a video of Ed. It made me happy seeing it.
  • I have seen it and it made me happy too. Since I had school age kids and they always get the "if you could meet anyone in any time" question in school...they always knew my person was Ed
  • Lol exactly, him and akhenaten.
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