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Edward Leedskalnin and Sarah Winchester

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Ed was said to have stopped briefly in Halifax Canada, there were a few masonic lodges in the area at that time along with the mystery of Oak Island ( Knights Templar ), could Ed have gone there?
Ed entered the US in 1912, at one point made a stop in California.. I am wondering if he specifically stopped in San Jose California to a place called the Winchester Mystery House and met Sarah Winchester, she had money and may have possibly helped Ed, but I cannot say for certain
She bought land, outside of town, and wanted her privacy

There are a few similarities, however I haven't delved deep into it
Her front gate has a daisy( right away Fibonacci ) however the daisy on the front gate has 16 rays? coming from it. The two pillars going into the grounds is a sign of freemasonry
Leedskalnin on his door has the sun with 16 rays coming from it.

There is a crescent shape image in the garden on her property also
Sarah was familiar with Lewis Carroll, her house speaks of it on its own
There are hints and lines from Shake Speare ( massive topic on its own )
There are references to numbers 7, 11, 13
She knew code, how to read, and how to display it.

There is more, I wonder if Ed met her, shared ideas, and thoughts before heading East
I think her and Ed had similar views, and could relate on several levels
If Ed did go there, im sure he had one heck of a smirk on his face.
Sarah Winchester information


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