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Spiritual Enlightenment - Anyone?

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Does anyone here thinks / feels / knows he has achieved this state or is on the path?
How did it start?
Can You control it?
What have You gained?
What do You plan to do?


  • I think spiritual enlightenment will be the future personally, perhaps a return to the Golden Age
    The biggest treasure in life is knowledge, everything is scattered and it is up to you to piece it together

  • Spiritual Enlightenment, with the balance of the seven, can be controlled and used to heal others.
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    @Libra I think Spiritual Enlightenment must first be Identified as what it is.
    Some believe it is an ability to understand the Spiritual.
    But what is the Spiritual ?
    Usually it is simply emotion misunderstood.
    The best example is people who claim to have the Holy Spirit in them.
    The Holy Spirit is actually the Victims Spirit and it has a similar Tingling Sensation as Fear.
    Not really anything Spiritual at all other than the person not understanding that the 2 are connected.

    Now with me believing such a thing could mean I am Spiritually Enlightened as I think I have the Answers to these Spiritual Questions that are not Supernatural and can be Explained without pointing to some Supernatural Whatever.
  • I feel I am almost there. It started when I realized the secret to our vision.. The holy of holys. The fruit of knowledge. I happened to have realized this secret on the Venus transit. If you want to hear more my Instagram is @secret_science
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