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An assembly of sengA's writings and posts copied from the 144 forum before it went down last time.
Lots of good coded information here, when you start to know how to read it.


  • I would love to see the picture mentioned.
    Is there any way ?
  • Thank you!
  • Wow, it is a good thing you saved it :)
  • this sengA guy is writing stuff just like Ed... interesting..
  • Does anyone know where this sengA is now?
    I can understand some of what he is saying
    The anagram he mentions or hints at, is amusing
    To me EDMs book is a good reference guide, I'm constantly going back and forth with it.
    His guide also has freemason references to it, is EDM a freemason? Or just leaving more crumbs to follow
  • just an idea...
    how related is Agnes to greek mythology MAgnes?
  • Gardener, magnes is a good find, but I would look at the story of Saint Agnes. I say because if you look in the statistics page of ABIEH, you'll find 'tains', an anagram for saint, and in the book who's first part is about his sweet sixteen, Agnes. She's also the patron saint of gardeners, ironically. hehe
    dante, under the second video I made on the enigma machine, on my youtube, a channel owner from a channel called 'Agnes Scuffs' left me a comment about the number 153, the comment was very 'sengA' and I asked him if he was sengA, he said yes and that I should contact him, but when I did I got no response. His channel still exists, and his comments, and his vids are about deciphering drawings supposedly made by nostradamus. I dont think who sengA is, is as important as what he wrote. I've pursued him for a long while now, but never had anything to go on, other than his posts, and the mysterious comment claiming to be him.
    I find sengA helps me to understand some things better than on my own. I have found 'honey' in MC along with a gathering of 'bees' or 'b's', or 't's' which are also 'keys' in MC. Sweet seventeen is AG, or 17, or silver, or the 7th prime number, and 7 is the number of completion, as far as I can tell. Also, 'You can always add one' is a multiple message, telling you to add the number values of O N E , actually, the soft values, 1+5+1+4+5= sweet sixteen, or you can add one to sweet sixteen, to get sweet seventeen. sengA talks about Turing, and the bizzy beaver machine, turing of course is credited with deciphering the enigma.
    And i find the poem about 'EDAM' very interesting. as it is MADE backward, and looking at the obelisk, it says MADE 1929, 9291 EDAM, guess the next in sequence is 90(?), also edam means 'execute' or 'capital punishment' in Azerbaijani, a turkish language spoken in russia, georgia, turkey, iran, its commonly arabic. EDAM used in text is simply 'ED' if you try to translate it in text, as EDAM appears in the book Korralu Pils quite often.
    Run "1937. gada 10. Augusta Edam apriteja piecdesmit." the first sentance in korralu pils chapter 11, through a translator, and it reads
    "on August 10, 1937, Edam turned fifty"
    just run edam through, and you get 'execution', but the closest language you get it in is Azerbaijani.
    But thats the 'fun' of sengA, he makes you think, and I've been at his clues for a long time.
    Wish I could be more help, but thats why I shared it... I need help with it too.
  • Agnes. She's also the patron saint of gardeners, ironically. hehe
    hehe.. right! ;) gardeners :)

    The same wikipedia page says also:
    The name "Agnes" is actually derived from the feminine Greek adjective "hagnē" (ἁγνή) meaning "chaste, pure, sacred".
  • ABIEH has the gathering off bees as well, but only on a few pages. He mentions the prickly fleece, first thing that comes to my mind, is the golden fleece, ram, Aries.
    Edam 9291, did you add one?
    Edam 8291, Ed am ( 8x2x9x1 = 144 ) radio(Jewish Gematria) several possibilities
    An image of an Iron Rod, staff. You can see the three pronged staff on the cover of ABIEH, to the right of the book Ed is holding.
    (Brother of Moses) Aarons rod is known in the bible, number 17. The staff represented the tribe of Levi.
    In Korralu Pilsis, is there any mention of Pagans, or the use of Galena crystals in radios.

  • In St Johns story, with the reference with the 153 fish, 1224 is the key to the story.
    1224 is the Gematria for the Greek words for the net, and fish
    1224 + or - 1 =using Greek Gematria:
    1224 = divine circle, the lord god
    1223 = the way of paradise
    1225 = the righteousness of god; whole of wholes' Platos name in Timaeus for the unique sphere of the cosmos
    1224 is a number for pisces
    612 is also important

    3x3 magic square or Lo Shu magic square = 15 ( In Eds first page in abieh, fifteen letters before the word fifteen, and the title equals 15 above the word fifteen )
    4 9 2
    3 5 7
    8 1 6

    4,9,2,7,6 make 28 ( L-shape, second perfect number )
    1, 3, 5, 8 make 17 ( 4 elements; fire, earth, water and air )

  • SengA also mentioned Ed used an H20 torch, something plausible
    He also mentions water has memory, which I find interesting also, water molecules will mimic objects or sound it comes in contact with, perhaps this is water wine?
  • I was there on code144 for this conversation (cannot remember my user name but I did not respond to this). Think about this: in the movie Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee is teaching a student whereby he points and simultaneously tells the student "it's like a finger pointing to the moon", here, the student looks at Bruce's hand and Bruce slaps the students head and says "do not concentrate on the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory".

    This conversation became a mystery to solve about a mystery. Why try to decipher a mystery about a mystery that may or may not hold a shread of truth or even any pertinent information? To me, it's simply a side track taking us further from our goal. Let's look at what is known. Let's state was is known. Yeah, throw in some theory, throw out some possible connections but there's no reason to wrap it in fluff.
  • It is important to understand the nature of this work
    In my opinion I believe Ed solved many mysteries before he created Rock Gate, and it is important for me to try and solve those also.
    I want to know what books Ed read, and what he got from them

  • Dante, i believe that what Ed did is based upon root principles and that one part of what he did relates to the others. Many people get hung up on the flywheel for example yet much of what he accomplished happened before it existed. So im with you except I understand Ed read EVERYTHING and so I have no hopes of gathering info on what he read.

    Let me elaborate a little on on what I mean by principles:

    "The sea is the king of 10,000 streams because it lies below them" The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.

    I have been intrigued by the unique simplicity of the the Tao Te Ching for many years. It is comprised of few words that pretty much sum up or answer any of life's complexities. The above phrase is easy enough to understand by itself but it wasn't until years after I first read it that its true breadth took hold. A human anatomy instructor told us that the kidneys are more important than the heart. In fact, she said, it controls the heart and when the kidneys are stressed, they in turn affect heart health... Because they lie below the heart!

    After reading that Ed considered the individual magnets as "life force", I came to realize that what Ed did, was similar to the Tao Te Ching. His ideas and concepts, like the above quote, are "roots", they are so simple, yet they encompass so much. The difference is that Ed put them into action not just into words.
  • I haven't reached that point where I will stop reading. I may never.
    I believe in conquering the 12 zodiac animals from within and the 7 mysteries of the planets, to me it relates to Leedskalnin, to others it may not

    A good read? I'm already looking into it. :)

    Ed did put much into action, but he also put quite a bit into words and numbers. To me these words and numbers are references to other works.
    This year I want to experiment with moon water
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