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The Generator In Ed's Workshop



  • This is not only a magnetic flywheel. If you look at it with the right eyes, you will see that the handlebar on the flywheel is part of a rotary spark gap. I think the hook hanging down from the chain is the end of the spark gap.
    But this means that all the magnets also would work as multiple rotary spark gap.
    This is why you can see heatmarks on the tip of the handlebar and the magnets.
    This tells us that the power was strong enough to make heatmarks but not to melt the hook hanging down.

    You can also see that some of the chains are in coils. in some photos i have also seen that he had homemade bottlecapasitors.
    All of this combined with the tripod is some sort of "Tesla Tower/Coil.
    This is a machine that makes energy, and then magnifice and transform it.

  • Hi Kakis,

    welcome to the forum! :)

    What is your opinion? Wouldn't that be very loud with that many sparks? I don't exactly know, how Ed was working, all i know is, that it was during the nights, which would make the sparks even louder.

    take care
  • If you connect them seperate via a capasitor it would be a lower sound plasma, but the also say that he was always singing while he was working, and the flywheel also make a lot of noise. Therefore the box on top of the tripod, perhaps to conseale arc's? the field created would still go trough the box.

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  • And this was in a country that just tore down the radcliff tower.
    he was always complaining about power from batteries beeing unstable

  • > Kakis said:
    > If you connect them seperate via a capasitor it would be a lower sound plasma, but the also say that he was always singing while he was working, and the flywheel also make a lot of noise. Therefore the box on top of the tripod, perhaps to conseale arc's? the field created would still go trough the box.

    Thanks for the invite :-) was it you who recived my mail or ??

    Thanx for explanation... Interesting!

    No it wasn't me who sent you the invite. It was @Magnetic_Universe
  • I'm curious to know why his line of sight is towards the bycicle's seat and not the leaver. What ever is there looks very strange.
  • Hi,

    I believe the wire hanging down is not connected to the generator in any way. You can see in the first two photos above that the wire is not there. I think the little black box which is being held by a chain in front of the magnets in the top photo is the key to understanding the generator. Someone on another forum said that the box was a small electric motor. In that case, the coils in the motor would be just like coils in any generator (alternator actually) and produce electricity similarly.

    I looked when I was there and I believe the black box is now missing. Just comparing the size of Ed's alternator to ones being built today I believe it would have produced a tremendous amount of current. It's what he did with the current that would be quite interesting to know.

    All the best,

  • All supposition but..

    Here's another thought? with the bowl in the middle, the exposed Magnet loops, perhaps by adding "water or some other fluid" (we all played with mercury back then) you can visualize the "pulses" in waveforms.

    The copper pipe standing up would pulse in waveforms, directing them upward from the ground, the chain tied to the square, the cable going up to the antennae up on the tripod would direct and possibly collect the magnetic streams & fields the "moon" pulled overhead, (remember the high tide?) when the differential was added to the suspended load it could possibly become "charged". NOW.. you'd need a voltage divider or a frequency "tuner" to get the correct charge so it didn't "launch" or add weight to the stone. The controlled magnetic vortex then could possibly lift. (there would be frequency to the pulses as the magnets passed, or he could have used one of the tuners on the wall there along with the jar-capacitors) That writing on them blocks could just be "frequency" levels needed to affect the particular block of stone.

    All this is playing with things you don't totally understand, remember when the doctors played with x-rays first?? they burned their "witch doctor" selves up. Evil people with this technology could destroy buildings full of people.

    IF you created a "vortex" in the magnetic grid overhead during a sunny day, imagine the radioactive shielding you just removed?? You could be at a focal point where the incoming radiation took you on out of this world extra crispy.. (radio radar operators during WW2 would stand in front of the microwave dish and aim it with both hands, cooking thier internals, creating the idea for the microwave oven)

    Go slowly forward with caution and much reflection.
  • I might be wrong, I'm pretty dumb when it comes to all this but he did mention using radio's to do his experiments. The magnetic current was probably going through the wire to the top of the tripod and input to the radio. Then the output would go to the rock transfering the current/frequency. You would be able to amplify the frequency by turning the volume up??? The wheel probably puts off a certain hz and amplifying it could lift rock higher lower depending on amplification??? I could be way off hopefully this will spark thoughts/ideas
  • I might be mistaken but I think he built rock gate before the generator. I don't think the generator aided in its construction. It was part of his study on magnets.
  • Hi Charlie,
    is that the original Ford design?
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  • Hello Everyone,

    I am new here. I have had an interest in electricity since I was very young (I had lots of shocks before age About my 3rd year of High School I stopped paying attention to what was being taught. I had trouble believing that my teachers had any idea what they were talking about. I attended university but enrolled in a liberal arts doctrine and promptly failed out (as my mind is not the type to relish in 30 page papers about old novels, just not me.). My interest in this topic was sparked 6-8 months ago, and I am just now starting to dig into it. Please forgive any ignorance to things already discovered.

    Has anyone looked into the object ED.L. is holding in his left hand? From what I have learned so far ED did nothing by chance. Like TV & Movies, everything you see was put there for a reason, no matter how small it seems. My understanding is that ED left clues everywhere and I doubt this wasn't one of them. Perhaps the generator is used to redirect energy into the device he is holding. This device is then used on/near/around the blocks in conjunction with the pulls coming from different planets & the moon. This way the blocks can be moved without a massive machine following them around. Further, could this explain how the few with this knowledge kept it hidden from the thousands involved in helping build the other monoliths on Earth? If you had the ability to do this, but wanted to keep everyone thinking it was the various Gods you told them existed and were summoning, you couldn't have a large machine/device near when you were doing it. However you could charge a small object that you disguised and then had near the object you were moving.

    Again, I'm new and perhaps this is completely unachievable. As someone seeking knowledge please advise if I am far off track.. Further if anyone is willing to provide a starting point for learning these things (current, magnetism, etc) I would be very grateful. I have a mind that is apt at quickly learning things I take an interest in but feel I don't want to waste energy pursuing things that won't help. (old (or, i guess "new" as the ancient knowledge is the correct platform) thinking etc.)

    Thanks, it's great to be here.
  • Hello @TecuhsehHolmes,
    welcome and thanx for joining us at MagneticUniverse!
    I believe, that you'll find lots of interesting information here.

    Have a nice day
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