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Rock inside the front door

edited February 2015 in Edward Leedskalnin
Does anyone have information on this rock, particularly 1) what is it called 2) what is inside? I read somewhere that at or near the bottom, pointing outward toward that "window" at the bottom, that there was a Leyden jar. I was told by an employee while at coral castle that it no longer works due to things being stuffed in the hole on top but it can be seen here at the end of the video being used my former guide Ray Ramirez


  • That is the 'three ton gate'.
    Inside is a truck axle.
    The hole in the top is the top half of a coke bottle, turned over like a funnel. Ed used to keep the axle oiled by pouring oil down the hole.
    The 'window' in the side was where ed used to 'chock' the block, because it was so well balanced, it could swing around and hurt someone.
    Never heard of a leyden jar being anywhere near it. heard of them in the quarry, but thats just heresay on the net as far as I know.
    A friend of mine proposed the theory that it's easter island, which only makes perfect sense. So I like that theory...
    It's Easter Island.image
  • Any thoughts on it directing energy as in the video link? The reason I ask is because while visiting coral castle about a year ago, I asked the "guide" about the video and they said it no longer works like that-something about people stuffing things in the hole on top and that may be the case or reason BUT, they have removed the steel door (supposedly for handicap access). I have to wonder "if" it was involved in directing energy, what effect that door would have had on it.

    Interesting comparison to Easter Island. Got.To.Think.
  • At the center of the photo is a stone man, my initial thought was a Moai on Easter Island, but it seems to be more Native American or Aztec. I've seen images representing Native American more than Aztec ( at this moment) in Eds overlays

    The triangular stone which pivots near the entrance symbolizes " leaving earth and permitted access into the kingdom of heaven " I'm still looking for further details, it symbolizes stellar worship which predates solar worship.

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