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Ed Leedskalnins workshop

edited February 2015 in Edward Leedskalnin
Ed leedskalnins workshop Magnetic attraction & repulsion

Here is a video made by vinny stvincent on youtube. For me its a very interesting video and deserves to be mentioned but overall its really nothing new and is more along the lines of a balancing act then anything magnetic but it certainly Ed worthy to say so at the least. Now there are tons of videos out there on youtube that dispaly this especially with forks and toothpicks here is a video of one here

I've also seen wine bottle stands that do this. image

Now in the video, the one the discussion is focused on, he ask everyone 4 questions about what is going on here. I type out these four question so we can discuss and answer the questions here on the forums.

Question 1: What your looking at, is it (A) anti-gravity (B) levitation (C)understanding the forces of gravity?

Question 2: What is allowing this apparatus made out of wood to counter balanced itself?

Question 3: How many forces are we dealing with to make this self counter balance to happen?

Question 4: If we can make this object "do this" so what do we need to counter balanced any object?

To be fair here are my answers
1: I will haft to write in my own answer and say (D) a wooden belt hook self balancing lever
2: A place to stand
3: 1 The Earth's
4: A fulcrum
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