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Timeline & Random Curiosities

edited January 2015 in Edward Leedskalnin
So I just finished Edward Marlinski's book. Read it twice actually. Before I invest any time in anything that book offers, I have a few questions. I know that some of these can most probably not be answered, and not all of them have much at all to do with "How to Read His Writings", but I didn't want to litter up the forum with a bunch of different posts and these are some of the biggest questions I have regarding the History of EDL and Rock Gate.

1. What are the chances EDL had an enigma machine? What was the availability of those in that time?

2. I obviously can read the publish dates, but when were his works written? Each one's date (time frame) of writing would be useful.

3. When EDL says "Following is the result of my two years experiment with magnets at Rock Gate, seventeen miles Southwest from Miami, Florida. Between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth Latitude and Eightieth and Eighty-first Longitude West."... Does anyone know the dates those 2 years span. (not the date the work was published)

4. Wikipedia says he bought the property and (I assume) started building Rock Gate in 1923 and moved it in 1936. I also recall from reading Dave Nelson's thing on this site that (and I am going off of memory here) the walls and other things were added in short (2-4 year) period after he moved. Does anyone have any insight about the actual development of Rock Gate as far as dates and the order things were constructed? I have really only seen pictures of (what would seem to be) the finished project.

5. Does anyone have any insight as to what prompted EDL to start building Rock Gate? What I am curious about is, did he have an overall plan and most of his knowledge/theory when he bought that property and started? Or did it sort of unfold over those 25 or so years?

6. Is there any evidence of a human being named Agnes Skuvst? Or actually any evidence/record of EDL before 1920?

7. When and Why did EDL come to USA and did he go directly to Florida.

8. Is there any chance his name was not Ed Leedskalnin and he made that name up?

9. Who is Coral Castle Inc.? Who and where was CCI incorportated, where did the $175k come from to buy the property from Julius Levin? I would like a lead on any information about Coral Castle Inc.


  • Good questions, many can be answered fairly easily from what we know actually.

    1- chances are edl didnt have an enigma machine. At least not the German Army and Navy M3 or M4 machines. If he did have them, than ed has connections we are not aware of.
    In 1936 the germans adopted the commercial enigma cipher machine, used in business communications. They Modified it heavily, adding rotors, and more stecker swap plugs. For added security, they modified it more, added a 4th ring and created the M4 'shark' machine.
    These were top secret machines, and the allies worked hard to decipher them... After 1936 ed was in Florida, and no records show him travelling in that time. If Ed knew about the enigma, and being a good american citizen, he surely would have presented this knowledge, and stopped hitler.
    He could not have gotten the info from the 'polish enigma codebreakers' as people claim, because after the poles deciphered the enigma, Germany modified it, so that knowledge was useless.
    Yes the enigma existed, but the setup of the machine remained a mystery until the codebreakers at bletchley park deciphered it.
    But that doesnt mean ed didnt have one either. I can pretty much prove edm is right about that.
    I presume ed went into the future, saw that the Nazis had been stopped, grabbed up an enigma machine, went back home, and simply slept sound knowing he didnt have to tell the government he knew the machine because they would break the code anyway. Thats the only logical explaination I can come up with, and it's highly illogical.
    2- the dates are whats important, just check the charts at the back of the book, they are there for a reason, and also show the order in which ed's books are to be tied.
    3-Dont worry about the 2 years time, just look at the lat and long coordinates he gives, thats the important information. Ed specifically put every bit of information you need in his books, so you wouldnt have to speculate.
    4-Ed built 'ed's place' in Florida city before he moved. Most of the large objects, and most important objects were built there, and moved. It's obvious if you look at the stones, the older stones from florida city, are a different color than ed's walls, because they were quarried from different places in the ground. They also have a different texture to them. A little comparison of whats known to be from florida city, and whats known to be from homestead, will tell you the difference. If you want to know more about ed from people who knew him, read Orvill Irwin, or Carroll Lake's books.
    5- hehehehe, isnt it obvious, ed knew EXACTLY what he was doing LONG before he ever started the building.
    His plan was to preselect those who had eyes to see and ears to hear, to show them the path to the world's greatest power... which is knowledge
    6-Theres lots of recorded evidence of ed before 1920, most can be found in Korallu Pils. Ed's 'real' sweet sixteen was named Hermine Lusis, Agnes Scuffs was a name fabricated by ed. Of course, Agnes is the important information, because ed gave us that for a reason. A fellow who used to post on the code144 forum, named sengA, used to mention agnes all the time, and the significance of her name.
    7-ed came to the US on April 6, 1912. He crossed into Canada to work in the logging trade for a few years before returning to the US to settle in Florida.
    8- Ed came to america under the name Eduard Letzkalin.
    In Latvian, his name generally reads, as I understand, Eduards or Edvards, Liedskalnins.
    9-I know some information on Coral Castle inc., but It's really not important enough for me to go through my notes over. Lets just say, it's a shady road if you wanna get on it. The important thing, is that they keep it open, and keep it accessible, and ESPECIALLY keep selling ed's books.
    Now thats the question you should be asking.. who is the publisher of ed's written works? where do they come from? Just as a note, even the Manager at Coral Castle has told a friend of mine she didnt know who the publisher was, or where they came from.

    So youve read that book twice eh... chances are, although youve read what it says, there are very few people who can actually read it. I myself can only read portions of it, because the real book is the hidden book within the book.
    When you really see at as a book, within a book, that's a clue companion to another 5 books, that compliment and teach you how to read the most important book, you'll still only be partly there...
    But I wish you luck
  • First of all, thanks for taking the time to reply.

    You said in your answer to #1 that "I can pretty much prove EDM is right about that". That EDL had an enigma machine. How can you prove that?

    Also, if EDL knew "EXACTLY what he was doing LONG before he started building" where did he get his information?

    I have a very open mind and will listen to anyone but I will not take anyone's word for anything. Especially after reading the Lake book you suggested (thanks by the way) I find the whole time travel thing too much to accept without more info behind that. Is there any other reason you have that hypothesis other than that would be necessary to make other things possible?

    Who/what exactly do you think EDL was/is?

    Also what do you mean by "publish"? Do you mean print? That is something I am VERY curious about. If anything that EDM's book claims holds water, then everything from the original work has to be kept PERFECT. How /why do these people that own CC and produce the books know it is vital? How, through changes in ownership and management, has all that stayed true? I think it would be safe to say that whomever printed the very first copies is not the same person doing it today. It might be the same company, but not the same person.

    One last question for you, there are a few other sites, what are your thoughts about them. Obviously depew thinks stride's site is bogus. What do you think about and code 144?
  • No problem, I love to share what I know about edl.
    Ok, prove it, I cannot... guess no one really can. But I am the only person I am aware of who has ever gotten along with ed's enigma codes and riddles. I've made a few videos about what I've found, theres links in the forum here if you cruise around. It's the best proof I have, and it's fairly convincing.
    I believe edl got his information from The Holy Bible, and a handful of other ancient myths and texts.
    I agree, dont take anyones word, and dont believe anything you read on the internet. You will have to eat for yourself. (youre welcome) My Ideas about the possibility of time travel are based on personal experience with edl's works and my personal belief that there are people in history who dont belong. I also personally believe that the prophecies in the bible are interpretations of actual seeings of future events. There are a number of reasons I believe this is possible, but they are only my opinion, I certainly cannot prove time travel exists.
    I believe edl was a very smart, jewish, freemason. That is my opinion thus far.
    Publish/print, yes/maybe/all of the above...
    I wont stoop down to DePew's level and say, that for a guy who has pages and pages of stuff on his site, he's not really saying anything. Nope, I wont do that.
    But, I know for a fact, DePew is an incredibly intelligent person.
    Stride lured me to edl, I owe him one. On top of that, he sold me my copy of korralu pils. His forum was excellent for it's time, but there is always a forum for edl (thank you matt) it seems, whenever a good one goes down, another good one pops up.
    I started out with ed through code144. I would read through both of their sites anyway.
  • edited January 2015
    Very nice to read the answers to read more into your world there poughkeepsieblue.
    Our planet like all of us, has a phycosphere. Like a compendium with all history past and future in it. We as humans have the same. To me time travel does not sound logical in a phsycal level. But I beleive that Ed travelled in astral to the past and future. Something long forgotten and only known by few. To reach that level of psychic ability, you need dicipline in all actions. It was well known Ed had a six sense, and always stopped working when he knew he was being watched.
    Good old bible. How else would you ensure knowledge is passed on....
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