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Davis's Manual of Magnetism - by Daniel Davis Jr. (1842) PDF

edited September 2012 in Library
"Including also electro-magnetism, magneto-electricity and thermo-electricity.
With a description of the electrotype process.
With 100 original illustrations"

Format: PDF
Page count: 238
Year: 1842

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  • Thanks for this file
  • You're welcome Sam...
  • EASY TO download, right click on the pdf link, then "select" save file on your computer.
    This way I can read it on the google tablet later by copying it there.

    Thank you for posting it. Each bit of knowledge adds to the brain's ability to solve other things.
  • Yeah! i like these old books...
    They are not yet influenced byt the "modern science" :)
    ...back to the roots...
  • @Gardener You should check out "The Operation and Manufacture of Magnetos " by Harold Whitting Slauson, it was printed in 1910. There is many good parts in this book about how " The magneto generates current independent of storage capacity or chemicals, that will supply power without deterioration as long as required." or if driven at high rates of speed, and the magnetic fields are strong enough, the magnetic current will be powerful enough .The magneto will run several lamps even from the smallest machines" In this book there's a lot of info on spark gap, high and low tension magneto's and how there made just think of Ed when reading it, then realized Ed's flywheel is a reversed design, and far more power full.
  • just for fun showing magnets within magnets from small to big, how we are in the middle
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