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I believe it really is simple... you must believe.

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"In the beginning God created the Heaven (SHAMAYIM in Hebrew means 'the waters') and the Earth. And the Earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved over the face of the waters. And God said: 'Let there be: Light' and there was light."

I think we can all agree that light is a form of energy. Science says energy is moving charges that are vibrating. "...And the Spirit of God moved...", "...And God said..." So thousands of years ago the Bible had it right, and your science book haha well it changes daily. God's Word has remained basically unchanged for ages! So will you put your trust in man or in God? Reminds me of trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. This is only one example.

In Ed's PMH we find what I like to call two circuits: Heaven and Earth. Two coils or circuits are necessary for the system to be "rung twice". Before the system can sing "The Heavens declare (singing) the glory of the LORD," they must be put into motion. Ed's PMH thus is a mechanical model of light in Genesis, after all, he does describe it as the "light machine" and I believe he did so for a reason, as a clue.

The flywheel system is no different. The magnets in the flywheel represent the moving magnetic current within the metal of the PMH. Low and behold we also find two specific circuits. One not connected to ground (Heaven) and one connected to ground (Earth). The Iron chain (or whatever it's made of) is not connected to ground UNTIL it makes contact with the flywheel's handle. (The timing of the motor) When initially cranking the handle you charge the Heaven circuit until it becomes fully saturated much like how a cloud becomes so full of water and energy it cannot hold any more. It MUST discharge to ground right? To balance the system and reach equilibrium. (read Genesis it also uses water to explain the same) According to the right hand rule of electricity, if we drop our current through the neutral part of the flywheel we generate a clockwise rotation of the magnetic field. Remember Ed said clockwise was key, as we are dropping current just like lightning, the result it the same. The Earth circuit is the copper pipe and right angle thing. This is actually Tesla's ground antenna that he described the phenomenon of signal transmission and amplification. (overcoming loss) You see if we discharge our Heaven circuit into the Earth we add some spin to our flywheel when the spark gap becomes close, then our Earth circuit (ground antenna) picks up this signal and feeds it back into the system as well as broadcasts the signal to be picked up elsewhere (wireless transmission). If you were to draw the flow of energy it creates the figure eight. An infinite loop. From Heaven to Earth. As above so below. It really is simple.

As many of you might have heard and realized the Tablet of Shamash from ancient Sumeria shows this system working thousands of years ago. It shows the wheel resting on a table (Ed said start with a box..) with a Heaven circuit being suspended above the system as well as an Earth circuit the copper pipe or column you see next to the system. One also notices what looks like a wireless receiver (induction coil 'ring' with a bar 'positive/negative, north/south' terminals) in the hand of the big dude sitting down. If the big guy had a PMH one could assume through induction you could charge the PMH (possibly symbolized by Ed's hat in his picture) by having it close by, then carry it off to the top of your tripod, drop your current into the CONDUCTIVE block you wanted to move. Remember the PMH releases its' energy instantly once you remove the bar. This fills the block with energy which will then respond to SOUND. "With faith of a mustard seed, speak to the mountain and it WILL move."

Uni is a Latin prefix meaning single. Verse is a spoken word. The UNIVERSE we live in then, is a single spoken word. "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God." It's simple. "Faith without works is dead." This was Ed's work and proof that God is who He says He is, and He made things "so that no man is without excuse". Everything that exists operates and responds to SOUND, the voice and word of God. I could go into detail even further by explaining why I underlined face (surface tension and centrifugal force) E=MCsquared is basically Light=Water*Velocity of Heaven*Velocity of Earth. It's all there, in God's Word, the Bible. God created this world so that you never had to work. If you can make power, you can run a pump to get water out of the ground, then power a filter to clean it, then use that water to grow your own food and be self sufficient. That's what Ed did afterall. But we lost faith in God and we turned against Him. Thus, we lost His knowledge. Only in coming back to the truth and coming back to Him do we truly find freedom. And in the case of this motor, free energy. My name is MYKAL and my name in Hebrew using Gematria means: Water works to connect God's teaching (Word). Pretty cool right? It's time for people to know about this, why? Like Thomas in the New Testament most people will not believe without seeing, which is sad. I believe this is the proof. Daniel 12:1 says: "At that time Michael (MYKAL) will stand up..." I don't know if that's me, and I only desire to be humble and not to boast, but YOU NEED TO KNOW because time is short.

I believe regardless of your belief or religion if you trace the evidence back far enough we're family. I love my family! This world does not promise that we can take things with us when we die, but through Jesus Christ, I can bring you with me to Heaven when we die. If we keep our mouths shut and we don't say anything, we knowing and willingly let our family suffer and die. Thousands of people die everyday to starvation, dehydration, malnutrition. That does not need to happen. In Christ we have the promise of no more goodbyes. I love you and I want to see you again. If you believe without proof, "blessed are those that believe without seeing" but if you need proof, here it is. Jesus showed Thomas the proof because He loved him and did not want to lose him. I don't want to lose you either. If I die because this ends up working and people hate me, I'm ready to be with Jesus and that's fine. Thank you for reuniting me with my savior, just know it won't happen until He allows it. So while I'm here, I will not be afraid, for He is with me. God bless. -MYKAL


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    Hi MYKAL, those are nice words. I believe in Jesus and his words of truth. I mean no disrespect but knowledge is more powerful than faith. If you have faith, you are hopeful. If you have knowledge you will not be fooled.
    Ed tells us he defooled himself by knowing the true knowledge. He kept saying himself that he knew (knowledge) how the pyramids were build.
    Here is something you may want to read if you seek to know.
  • jrc58:

    From Thiaoouba Prophecy:

    " These [personal, small devices which allow humans to fly like birds] are based on the same principle as levitation in so far as they neutralise what we might call ‘the cold magnetic force’ of the planet. It’s the same force that you call ‘gravity’ and which holds all bodies on the ground. ‘Man, like a piece of rock, is made of matter, but, by neutralising the cold magnetic force by raising certain high frequency vibrations, we become ‘weightless’. Then, in order to move and direct our movement, we introduce vibrations of a different frequency. As you can see, the apparatus that accomplishes this is for us quite simple. This same principle was used by the builders of the pyramids of Mu, Atlantis and Egypt. "

    What a great book... we're getting closer!
  • Wonderful book. Very close
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    Thanks for the info and connections MYKAL. I also typed my name in the gematria and it came up with a lot of stuff. Il attach the screenshot. But coincidently I realized a ancient secret to our vision that has been overlooked through time. But it connects to the story of Adam and Eve, the birth of Venus, much much more. The day I realized this "truth" was on the Venus transit. Also in they an calendar is the day "kukulkan" shows the secrets of the cosmos. Since my realization of the vision my world has changed. I am understanding Ed's work and believe I will figure this out and I want to save us with this technology. Much of my life is connected to ancient prophets including Jesus. Call me crazy but I believe I am here to save us. Everything connects to me and my life and my death in 2011 and my return. And my realization of this vision. Everything....
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