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Leedskalnin State Of Florida Table Repersents Bible Code 153

edited September 2014 in Edward Leedskalnin
Hello People This Is Sandra75208 Again! Giving You A New Direction And New Information That's Very Difficult To Dispute.. But Here Is Another Piece To Your Puzzle... John 21: 6... Please Read It And See If You Can Make The Hidden Connection To 153 And The Nommo's, This Is An Ancient Hidden Code,To Indicate Where This Knowledge First Came Into Being... Remember!

Ed Told You That Our Education System For Generations Were Wrong... And Also.. Can Anyone Find The Pictures Inside Of Norman Hall Of The Lambs That Were Once On Top Of The Walls?

I Can Not... Good Fishing People!

Listen To Me At My Station Hidden Knowledge And Secrets, I Have So Much More Info There..


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    Hi Sandra75208! Wow, That is a very interesting similarity with 153 at Eds Florida table. It's a hard one to dispute against but I do believe there could be some significance here with John 21: 6. Maybe this will help... Lets expand the Coral Castle map out and see what side the Florida panhandle is pointing to... Now whether it's pointing left or right I cant really say but I can say its definitely towards one of the two...Tho It's all about perspective in the end. image
  • Boxerlego... Thank You For Your Comment.. Everything On Ed's Property Is A Clue To Where This Hidden Knowledge Came From And Also Who Once Had Control Of This Secret...I Have Decoded Ninety Percent Of These Clues.

    And I Know You Would Never Believe Me But, This Is A Power And Knowledge That The World Is Really Not Ready For... This Is The Same Knowledge That Destroyed Atlantis When Everyone Knew How To Manipulate The Electro Magnetics Of This Planet And Any Other Planet,To The Point That There Is No Limitations On What You Can Perform Or Destroy..

    The Florida Panhandle Would Be Pointing Left From The Castle...Do You Remember When Ed Left One Thousand And Fifty Three Dollars That Was Found On The Property After The Feds Ransacked The Place? That Was A Very Old Documentary. I Will Lead People To The New And Decoded Clues But, I Will Never Disclose Just How Much I Know Due To Fear...

    You Seen What They Did Too Ed..Ed Gave Up His True Identity To Teach The Right People The Secret Hidden In Plain Sight...

    Listen To There, I Have Shared Quite A Bit Of Information...

    Thanks Again

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    Your welcome. Today, I was looking at pictures of Eds Florida table at Coral castle and the layout of the chairs is different then the one represented on that paper map. It appears where the 3 chairs is on the paper layout is missing the triangle stone... the 3 chairs appear to be scattered around in the pictures and very hard to recognize. Also the 5 chairs that are portrayed on paper is not how pictures shows it... in the pictures there appears to be 6 around the table. Your right its a hard on to dispute but dont mislead yourself into thinking everything is a clue about in dealing with Coral Castle just on a overdone pictures alone. Its might be true that both the Coral Castle paper layout and the layout in the picture is some sort of recreation and not how the Ed would have intended. It possible that the Stones in the picture could have be moved around and some removed or added in these modern pictures...
    image image
  • Yes, What You Say Is Very True... The Diagram That I Used Was From The Very First Time Ed Built The Table... The Triangle And Other Placed Stones Were Not Built Or Placed Yet.. Over Time? Many Of The Stones Are Not In Its Original Placement...
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