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Did EdL ever meet with NT?

edited September 2014 in General Science
Hello, I'm a "new one" here on this fascinating forum, and was wondering if anyone knows if Ed ever met and possibly collaborated on ideas with my other hero, Nikola Tesla?

Also, as a side bar, did Ed ever spend time investigating the Masonic Grand Lodge in Philadelphia, where Jeremy Stride (Code 144) has an intriguing subjective topical website?



  • There's no documented proof Ed ever met Tesla, although I have heard rumors about a picture of Ed, Tesla and Einstein together. I think that is just a rumor though, I have never seen it.
    Of course, Ed's family had ties to some prominent and powerful families in Europe, including but not limited to the Von Zeppelins. And considering that Ed entered the USA in NY, New York, which is a stones throw from Tesla's Wardenclyff tower, he may have met with Tesla during this time. There's no way to know if Ed came here with business for Tesla, but the coincidences suggest that he may have, and we may never know. Ed was well aware of the works of Edison and Tesla though.
    Again, no evidence to support any theories that Ed visited the Philadelphia Grand Lodge. But Ed left us plenty of clues to suggest he was a freemason too. If Coral Castle and the Grand Lodge contain the same kind of coded information, than I would look at them like 2 different Gospels from the New Testament. Say Luke and Mark, they both tell the same story, but tell different details differently, from different perspectives, which gives you the same story from different angles. If that makes sense.

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    Thank you, pkblue, for your concise informative answer - Loupy
  • Not sure if they met I wouldn't be surprised if they had, but I would like to see what could come of the combination of there work to see if one could get positive results or not.
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