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Ed Before Florida

edited August 2014 in Edward Leedskalnin
Thought I'd share a couple facts about property Ed owned before he made his way to Florida.

1. According to the San Bernardino County Sun Feb 10, 1922 - "Deed Jan 6 1923, Frank W. Leonard to E. Leedskalnin lot 6 Blk C Cooley Tr."

This shows that Ed bought land in San Bernardino County, California, in 1922, which was just before he would have left for Florida. According to most sources Ed was found by the Moser's during the winter of 1922/1923. I looked into the guy who he bought the land from and he appears to be a well known local real-estate man and there is no personal connection to Ed that I can find. "Cooley Tr" stands for Cooley Tract and from what I remember the general area of this land can be placed from sources on the net but now much of it is commercialized.

Maybe Ed bought and sold properties to make money, after all, I believe one of his occupations is described as "Real Estate" at the Canada border crossing. Is EDL himself "Mr. Real Estate Man"?


  • 2. The following is from the Douglas County Oregon Deed Index.

    - Edward Leedskalnin purchased land located at township 22, range 7, from S.P. Fenley on January 6, 1916.

    - Edward Leedskalnin sold the above lot to John E. Row on April 2nd 1920.

    The location of the actual deeds in the county deed books is also given if someone is so inclined to travel to Douglas County or to pay for an archivist to research.

    Using internet sources the above plot can be located. This area appears to be mostly forested. Would still be an interesting short hike to go on. Although we don't know if Ed actually lived there or just purchased it as an investment.
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