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Here Is Something New For You Guys To Ponder...New Findings

There's A Lot Of Misleading Information All Over The World About Ed's Birthday,Family History etc ... I Believe The Reason For This Deception? Is Because... If Anyone Of Us Knew Or Had Cracked Ed's Writings His or HER! Life Would Be In Danger Why?

Because Phd's And Other Highly Intelligent Individuals And Or Groups Would Be Looking To Use This Secret For Wealth Or To Enslave The Human Race With Such Knowledge..

How Would One Know Who Too Trust? Thousands Of Years.. And Still.. Not One Has Let The Cat Out Of The Bag.
I Would Like Too Share Some New Idea's I Have Found .... No!! Please Do NOT! Misinterpret Me...I Have Not Cracked Leedskalnin's Clues And Writings...

I Do However Would Like To Share Some New Ideas and Insights, My Information Have Never Been Published Or Mentioned On Or In Other Sites Or Publications... Except On My Radio Talk Show And None Other... Not Of My Knowledge....

Here is some new information for you Guys... Edwards Initials Forms A Key... The Two Periods Means "TO KEY"
I have some new insights on Edward Leedskallnins Works and Picture Clues...

Believe It... Or Not....
I Love This Site..


  • As for Ed's past..
    Yea, theres more misleading info than fact. The deception is as simple as hiding what ed wanted to keep secret.
    Ed's real Birthday date may never be known, but most ancestor research sites say January 12 1887 as ed's Birthday. But the other information about ed's past is fairly well uncovered by Andris Stavro in his book 'Korralu Pils'. I highly suggest anyone who is a fan of ed, pick yourself up a copy and get it translated from Latvian so you can read it. Selected chapters can be found on the internet pre translated.
    Here is a link to one that discusses ed's past in great detail.
    It is a chapter directly translated from Stavro's book.
    Among the possibility ed was fleeing political persecution, ed was also possibly a British secret agent, and he also came from a family of Jewish decent. His Jewish heritage is what gave him the early ability to read and interpret the bible code, and use it's knowledge and science to his advantage.
    Korralu Pils is not available for english translation, so most of the book you have to translate on your own, but as you can see, there is a reason for that. If everyone knew what Stavro knew, it would shatter our whole perception of ed as an eccentric gentle hermit.
    Good luck.
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