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Our Inheritance in The Great Pyramid - by Piazzi Smyth (1874) PDF

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"New and enlarged edition, including all the most important discoveries up to the present time, with seventeen explanatory plates."

Format: PDF
Page count: 578
Year: 1874



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    Another good find .... Ed had that book .... I've got one , used hard cover original ...very interesting book , with illustrations.
  • edited April 2016
    How do you know, Ed had that book?
  • edited April 2016
    From EDM's hidden pages , I think , or someone seen it at CC museum before it kept changing ownership . I've got all sort of things from over a decade ago. I had more on my old PC , but didn't save it . just winging it from memory :)
  • ....furthermore ....

    "The value of 1.00106 British inches is calculated as 1/500,000,000 of the Earth's polar diameter. The pyramid inch now appears to have no significant scientific support. "

    7129 / 6105195 = 0.001167 ( the difference ) ... or just a coincidence again.

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