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A Sound Magnetic Base



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    Why is it that we are not told that the terminals of a battery have a detectable magnetic effect on a compass needle?
    Jehovajah, I am not sure what you mean by this.

    Before recording the following experiment (click anywhere on the image to run it) with a car battery, I have confirmed that the battery is not dead. As you can see, the terminals of a battery DO NOT have detectable magnetic effect on a compass needle.
  • Sorry for my wording Barau.
    Imhotep discussion video 5
    Also , whenever a voltaic cell is connected a detectable effect on a magnetic compass needle is observable at each terminal.

    Most experimenters deliberately attempt to exclude the earths magnetic "field". However Örsted would not have detected a change if a student had not reoriented his initial demonstration.

    Much of the confusion between electric nomenclature and magnetic nomenclature arises simply from this practice of deliberately orienting the pricess st 90 degrees to the natural flux.
  • An interesting channel hopefully delving into Amperes lab tests.

  • Some magnetic based devices

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    This is the fundamental Amperian Dynamic of magnetic phenomena, the Charles Townes MASER Principle. Note the Hertzian Oscillator is a "magnetic" model, emphasising the oscillatory and radiative nature of the magnetic spaciometry.
    As Ken Wheelers points out this Geometry is dynamic, gyroscopic in nature. What I think is in need of emphasis is that it is a deformation in the surrounding " space" and thus a dynamic rotating wave. This is the nature of its oscillation characteristic, and indeed the nature of all do called " wave" phenomena.

    The medium being waved I have referred to as a plasma, the difference in the gyre of the waves can be accounted for by reflection, absorption and polarisation of rotating wave phenomena.

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    As ken Wherlers points out this Grometry is dynmic, gyroscopic in nature.bwhat I think is in need of emphasis is that it is a deformation in the surrounding " space" and thusvabdynmic rotating wave.nthis is the mature of its oscillation characteristic, and indeed the nature of all do called " wave" phenomena.
    Nikola Tesla was convinced that "wave" theory was totally off. Here is how he expressed himself in the article The True Wireless published in 1919:
    The Hertz wave theory of wireless transmission may be kept up for a while, but I do not hesitate to say that in a short time it will be recognized as one of the most remarkable and inexplicable aberrations of the scientific mind which has ever been recorded in history.
    George Trinkaus republished Tesla's piece quoted above in a separate book and appended it with a very interesting introduction: Tesla: The True Wireless.

    P.S. Jehovajah, I wish you would pay more attention to word spelling in your posts - that would make them more readable and pleasant to the reader. It does not take much extra effort: simply pay attention to the words underlined in red while you are writing your comments. For example, the quote from your post, I have started this comment with, shows in the text editor 6 words underlined in red!
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    Apologies for my word salads!

    I have corrected the above as I think it is important enough to be at least read easily!

    Yes I agree that the current Wave Models are defective! The sine wave is a misleading concept which I think De Broglie made popular. Fresnel, Arago , Young and others used a mathematical model which it is not clear whether they thought was actualised. DeBroglie did push it as an actual form. Lord Rayleigh made some interesting contributions to the mathematical Model, but his fundamental belief seems to have been that a rotating deformation was the actualised form.

    The mathematics of the Vortex, set out by Helmholtz and Kelvin used a couple of flawed assumptions ( non physical) which Claes Johnson has corrected.

    The careful study of at least Rayleigh and Claes work supports a physical rotation in and of space as a more accurate model of actual behaviour.

    Once that is adopted or accepted then the so called transient phenomena can be modelled by trochoidal rotations.

    One of the reasons I have gears in my sound base is because they are a better model of deformation transmission than the mathematical models based on the sine wave.

    Laplace and Fourier transforms are capable of doing the modelling, but physicists and mathematicians currently misinterpret the formulation. Rayleigh tried to demonstrate that a rotational wave is being described, but apart from geologists and seismologists the concept is ignored. Even material scientist misinterpret their empirical results, in my opinion, because they want to conform to the mathematical Lore!
  • So I read the introduction, and indeed it was as I expected. The current theory has been foisted upon us.

    The work of Ivor Catt demonstrates the main flaw, the Ampèrian current. Although Ampères Electrodynamics is more fundamental than what we are taught, but this is obscured by the mathematicians.

    Ivor has demonstrated that there is no current flowing in a wire. Instead there is a Heaviside signal flowing around the wire. Hertz and Heaviside do agree, but Heaviside was ostracised and Hertz was plagiarised and misinterpreted. Academicians can be easily sidelined by paying off various institutional structures! Ivor calls this a " snow job" .

    What is the implication of rotation? The implication is that transmission is promulgated by contact, that is in another word, conduction. But do not forget induction which is the same thing but clearly limited.

    Fundamentally for me, whatever name we give it , the rotational motion inherent in space is the sound base of all our formal models of phenomena.
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    Military secrets?

    The capacitance/ inductance measure the same physical behaviour, except that magnetism is stable( bistable) but "electricism " is not! Magnetisation of a material decays very slowly, on the order of half lifes like/ or as radiative materials! Electrification discharges quickly . So quickly in fact that a radiative spark is produced in the visible spectrum.

    The behaviour of capacitors and inductors are identical which is why a core can produce sparks just as well as a capacitor, but because the rate of decay differs by orders of magnitude magnetic radiation is more damped in its oscillations than electric radiation. However it contains the same " power" and so moves objects more smoothly than an excited electra based discharge.

    Masing is the controlled discharge of an electric decay. Magnetic Masing is also possible but is an extremely potent force capable of moving objects bodily when focused rather than exciting them to destruction in narrow regions.
  • This training video simplistically explains " electricity". However consider the explanation in terms of Eds paradigmatic models. Replace the atom with 2 plasmas that are " in dynamic equilibrium".

    Replace the magnetic lines of force by these plasmas rotating around and through the magnet as recently demonstrated. Thus a stable dynamic equilibrium exists but in the case of a magnet this stable region radiates beyond the bounds of the material.

  • Now consider how the "non magnetic" material is represented in the previous video and contrast it with the following. In the first representation a current is suggested but not obvious. What is clear is a pulse or deformation of the equilibrium status is transmitted.

    Note in this representation the pulse is replaced by a "coherent current". What was clearly a pulse wave deformation is now an alternating current ! In changing to this the plasmas are eliminated, replaced solely by " electrons".

    Notice also how the telephony circuits are based on transmission line . The transmission line has been shown by IvorCatt to be a Heavyside signal or rather as he prefers a TEM step Wave system. No Electric Current is required!

    Since no electric current is necessary we can clearly see how the magnetic current actually works. It is a radiative disturbance in the plasmas within all substances , simplified into 2 types. The radiation of the pulse is sensitive to the way the magnet supplies plasma to the balanced material. If the plasma is not in rotation then this behaviour is difficult to understand . While in motion the rotation of the plasmas enhance or subtract from the equilibrium status accordingly. Without rotation, the movement should make the same disturbance whichever way the plasma source is moved.
  • This next video illustrates 2 things: the voltage pulse is represented by a sine wave output. These trig forms are produced by and on an oscilloscope.; the second is the ubiquitous use of the ground as part of the circuit. Magnetic current is not only in the circuit but also in the environment especially the ground.

    Current is introduced in passing. It's use appears to be adjunct to the pulse voltage. Current is only utilised when trying to explain the operation of loads!

  • Although this observatory does not state much about magnetism the extreme radiation is a MASER event. A MASER is a fundamental magnetic structure that emits highly coherent radiation at all frequency bands. We do not require black holes to produce mAser event or if we do then a black hole is not what we think it is.

  • La Violette on electro gravitics.

  • What is known by blackops?

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