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Egyption Light Bulb and Bagdad Battery?

edited May 2014 in General Science
These to some are lights. If they are they are shown as really big lights. Third from left is said to be a representation of the Bagdad battery.
Something is underneath and seems to be lifting. The lifting force is shown to be coming from different points originating from whatever is below.
If the third picture is supposed to be a battery it seems to be in the process of being lifted also. It also shows what appear to be coils or force upon it. Could that picture be the raising of an obelisk?
The light pictures show a person sitting on what I think is actually a battery signaling something to rise and a wire seems to be creating light or force of some type in a large area.
The force and the lifting coil seem to be connected to the same wire.
There also appears to male and female figures under or along side what is being lifted.
Sometimes one, sometime two and in one picture I have seen none are below.
The figures face in different directions on the right and left side of the picture and the lifting force is shown to come from different locations on what appear to be coils or an electro magnet.
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