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  • Very interesting reading:
    ... Before I begin talking about the Ogdoad, I want to discuss an important finding about the word ANKH to open up the doors. Mostly, we don’t look at sounds having any mathematical principles unless the definition says to look in that direction. For example – the word Code – has a definition of some puzzle. An Astute problem solver would look into the word code itself to see its origins, its use, etc.

    The sound Ankh is a code. Let’s begin to see why.

    I will do it with the sounds that make up the Ankh and later look at the symbols. First the sounds. Let’s look at the purmutations that make up the sounds ANKH.

    A – A, An, Ak, Ah

    N – N, Na, Nh, Nk

    H – H, Ha, Heh, Hk, Hn

    K – K, Ka, Kh, Kn, Km

    Well Look at this – The sounds combinations make are the beginning to many important words in Ancient Khemet and even important words that all languages stand on. ...
    The whole blog is here:
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