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What is the PMH? Are U life?

Why is the PMH on the cover of MVAL?
Of course, ed describes and uses the PMH in Magnetic Current, but why is it on the cover of MVAL?
If the most brilliant minds leave the plain in sight, what is ed trying to show us?
I will keep it simple, because if you see it, you don't need me to explain, and if you don't, you'll move on anyway.
If 'you' is 'U', and no matter how I pronounce it, 'U' and 'You' sound exactly the same... why is the PMH U shaped?
Is U, You?
Why is MVAL where you find the PMH?
Why is there a heart on the cover?
Why does ed talk about plants eating the magnets from sunlight?
Doesn't the U shape of the PMH just 'eat' the magnets from the coils?
Why does ed talk about DNA, and making the right connections?
Has anyone considered putting PMH coils around themselves and putting magnetic current through their heart?
What could it hurt?


  • Some guy had built a strange system, he had hit the nails in trees, nails were wrapped wires, wires went to some kind of net, and then to the coil, which was around his head, and he stood on the cross, which he had built .. he also had a bottle of water which is wrapped in a coil, .. this man claimed to know the secrets of the EDL, and his website, he claimed, "I have met with Edgar Cayce, Aristotle, Tesla, Jesus and many others in the 5th dimension." .. no PMH, but close ..
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