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What I hear reading Ed

edited May 2014 in General Science
+ magnet, - magnet = life, force, strength
+ magnet = + DC current flow down = + magnets flow down
- magnet = - DC current flow up = - magnets flow up
+ and - DC current flow = current flow of two directions in one shared flow path = two pole north and south magnet = north and south magnets sharing one pathway of flow in two directions.
The center of a two pole north and south magnet is neutral, zero. neither north nor south, not + or -
Life has no beginning, life has no end.
Perpetual Motion Holder can be +, can be -, = , can be used for upward magnetic push, can be used for downward magnetic push, depends on polarity of current used = depends on desired flow direction of magnetic force'
Opposite magnetic poles attract because they create a flow path one to the other and one upon the other in two directions.
Like poles repel as there is no flow path to allow movement, = , stationary pushing force, the size and strength of the magnetic field and its strength of force is dependent upon the size, strength, duration and polarity of the electrical current applied.

The Perpetual Motion Holder maintains its magnetic force as long as the cross bar is in place.
Magnetic force can be increased by adding mass, magnetic force can be increased by adding larger current flow.

The important thing is not to over feed sweet 16.

Could a block of stone be used as the cross bar for the perpetual motion holder?
Could its ambient or natural magnetic force within based on its location upon the earth be matched, then enhanced to a point by the desired type of magnetic force to cause it to repel or push away from the earth below.
One polarity would have to be stronger than the other to do this.

The stone would have to be off the to prevent magnetic flow and the magnetic field within the Perpetual Motion Holder turned to an east to west direction out of the normal direction of the earths magnetic flow, or both.

Seems to me the zero or magnetic neutral point of the field would be useful as a point to add magnets of the desired polarity and it seems that if only one magnetic polarity is needed for the lift, only one current polarity is needed for the desired lift effect and only one wire needed to carry that DC current polarity.

The results would be different whether I used a piece of meat or a sweet potato as with one the effect is stronger than with the other.

At my location the north pole magnet is 1/16 of an inch shorter. ( 25th parallel, 24 magnet fly wheel?)

I do not know? I do however have a garage with a tin metal roof. At some point I intend to attach a wire to it and see how good a collector that is of Eds Magnarons and Tesla's Radiant energy.

Interesting stuff. Fun to thin about Good luck with your endeavors.



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    Hi Jim,
    very interesting.

    "We are only one-half of a perfect whole, man is the bigger and stronger half and the woman is the other. To be perfect there must be two, but where there is two there is no room for more, so the third party is left to go somewhere else with sour feelings."
    Plus - minus / North - South?

    "Don't raise the girls too big by over feeding them and too curved by neglect."
    "The important thing is not to over feed sweet 16."

    "That is why I want to point out the defects and neglects in this book"
    I read it as: "Let me tell you how to tune the machine".

    "The most striking neglect that comes to my attention is when one is smiling. A smile is always pleasing if it is regulated but without restraint, it is not. When smiling, the teeth only should be shown. As soon as you show the gums, it spoils the good effect. When showing the gums you are doing triple harm. First, the gums never look good; second, you are making too big creases in the side of your mouth and third, your lips come too wide apart. Especially should a girl be careful not to show too abnormally big mouth."
    "The first thing the mothers should do is to watch the baby's mouth so it is not hanging open. The mouth, by hanging open, stretches the upper lip and when kept open while growing, then when fully grown, the lips will not fit together any more."

    "To small children, it doesn't matter how ugly they look, but when they are grown up, the good looks will be the best thing, and one with a disfigured face cannot be satisfied with oneself. The foundation for one's best looks will have to be laid while one is small."
    "To obtain better results, don't make the smile too big by opening the mouth too wide, drawing the lips over the gums, or drawing one side of the lip more than the other, or drawing both lips to one side and have them twisted.
    Children should not be encouraged to smile too much, smiling in due time will produce creases in the sides of their mouths. It would be better to save the smiles till they are grown up. Children while they are growing should be watched, closely. They are stretching their mouths with their fingers and are jamming too big objects in their mouths and making ugly faces. All these actions should be forbidden for their future's sake."
    I read it as: "You have to tune and optimize the machine right at the beginning, or while the output is low.

    There are much more of such parallels in my head, but i am still not able to put them all together clearly.

  • M,
    What I hear Ed saying:

    Perfection = desired result
    Perfection consists of two parts
    Magnetism contains north and south magnets
    One positive or north polarity PMH and one negative or south polarity magnet = two parts
    Two = perfect
    Care must be taken making the PMH to insure correct polarity
    Care must be taken to keep both PMH equal in size and strength of force regardless of polarity they must be balance during the entire time the fields are created
    Putting too much energy into the PMH will damage it ( or possibly you )
    Don't make the field any larger than the object?

  • Pictured is a representation of Ed's Perpetual Motion Holder, a two pronged Ankh the two pronged Ankh over and touching something with wings which could represent something flying or floating, last picture is that which has been given wings?
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