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Performing Experiments in "Magnetic Current"

I am currently in the process of following the instructions in "Magnetic Current". Before I can begin I need to source out the materials required

- A permanent magnet bar four inches long, other measurements not important. (Alnico preferred)
- U shape permanent magnet that is strong enough to lift from ten to twenty pounds of mild steel. It should have 3" gap between its prongs.
- An Alnico magnet about three inches long, two and one-half inches wide, one-inch thick. Hole in the middle and poles in each end, ... (this is a tad confusing, it's a block, with a hole in the middle, right?)
- 1/8" x 36" Steel Welding Rod (having trouble finding it as small as 1/8")
- Steel Fishing line (I was thinking guitar string, as I can only find Stainless Steel fishing line)

So far I have found none of these. I have sent out requests to 4 different magnet suppliers I found online, hopefully they can help.

If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great. Also I plan on documenting everything I do and posting it online, I will link to where you can find it from here once I get the supplies!



  • These are not easy to find! So far I have tracked down just the U-Shape magnet and it doesn't have a large enough gap (need 3")

    Bar magnets do come in 4", but they are rare and so far I haven't found a supplier willing to sell just (1) unit.

    So it goes...
  • Hi Tecumseh,
    good luck with experiments!

    Please do post, how it progresses.

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    The U-Shape magnet with a 3" gap is proving near impossible to source. Furthermore, most U-Shape magnets are not U-shape, and are horseshoe shaped! Why would they bend it like that? I am going with "part of the conspiracy" to keep this knowledge away from the masses. If you want to cut off any chance of accidental discovery - then a good way would be to bend all the magnets that schools teach with, no? Perhaps this is just my frustration at sourcing these that is shining through..
  • This is one my grandfather gave me when I was a kid extracted from an old crank telephone.


    You might consider doing a google image search on crank telephone magneto - there are quite a few still around and they typically have 4 or 5 U shape magnets. The strength of mine has not diminished over time, but a little to small to perform the one experiment where the ID of the U is 3". Leedskalnin says if your U magnet isn't big enough just use the PMH - in fact that is his preferred method.

    Here's one that you might be able to get a good deal on:

    Several years ago, to stockpile iron filings, I had my kids tie a string to this one, wrap it in a plastic bag, and drag it up and down the sandy banks of the Wabash. When the magnet can hold no more, we just peel the bag off over the filings...
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    Thank you very much for the information. It seems the 3" gap is needed to magentise the steel fishing line which are then used as compasses and other things. If the suggestion is to just use the PMH, i suppose I will look into building that device. Further, I will be bidding on the eBay crank telephone magneto!
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    It's in the mail! It took about two weeks of searching and the gap is still not the right size but it's the best I could find. After talking with many people who collect and rebuild these old phones it seems nobody has seen a 3" gap, ever. The gap will be 2 1/4". It's shipping from Minnesota to me here in Alberta, Canada so I am guessing two weeks, maybe three. Now to find some steel fishing line, that should be easier I imagine.

    PS. Here is the place that supplied the magneto, I dealt with a person named Max Ratner, nice guy. Phones N Things, The Western Electric Store

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    Too cool! Have you received this thing yet? And thank you for the info.
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    My U-Shape magnet (attached to an old magneto crank unit) arrived mid last week! It is much smaller than I anticipated, but I am fine with that. (I was silly to expect something the size of my forearm, as that clearly couldn't fit in an old phone..:-/ ) I have identified the North-attracting (S) and South-attracting (N) poles using an app I downloaded to my android. Also using other apps I have determined the magnetism remaining in it. It's not very much so I will need to get it re-energized. I can do it by rubbing some Neodymium magnets along it in the right direction, or I can send it to a shop who has the 250lbs of iron and copper hooked into power that produce upwards of the 60,000amps needed. I am going to try the rubbing first and if it doesn't work I will find a place to send it off too.

    PS. I will keep this thread updated and use this forum for help/guidance as needed. I am also cross posting my adventure with all this stuff on

  • I have secured all but 1 supply. Still need 3"x2.5"x1" AlNiCo with hole in the middle (1/8" min) and poles on each end. I found a supplier in Rochester who will make it for me. Minimum order is 5 pieces at a cost of just over $200 a pop. It's a last case resort to drop that cash for a magnet, but at least I know I can do it if everything else has been exhausted, and tried again, and then exhausted for sure.
  • THIS is the size of U-Shape magnet I need. I am happy with the one I have, but I won't be able to charge it to the strength needed for the experiments - I think. I saw this in a youtube video, its from an old science video. One of these things must be kicking around an old lab somewhere.... where???
  • Well after research, his writing says "this is lined up so you will be looking east. " East is up in compass, true north is west. Meaning earth is flat, just like his wheel. When he says drop below he probably means below ground, kind of like the great pyramid had a chamber below ground. Or a negative frequency -0. Either way earth is flat according to all my research.
  • I picked up a copy of one of Ed's books and while I must say, although the man had some interesting ideals, we know some of his thoughts and ideals are complete garbage, but one thing that did stand out to me was his bit about separate magnetic particles. and then I found this: Make of it what you will but I think this could be very useful in understanding some of Ed's work
  • @WeareQ: Did you read the begging text on the video. So far he is not able to collect a perfect sample of the mono pole with that setup.

    I made a video showing two bar magnet that have individual strong North and South pole. Physicists teach you that all magnets have equally strong N&S poles. Here you can see that Ed was right all along.

    None of Eds ideas are garbage. People misinterpret words and ideas all the time. I don't know where you come up with that but the real garbage is at the surrounding ideas that are hard pressed by modern day academia electrical study. Entropy the true garbage collector and Creation is the true builder and both are of life. Cant have one with out the other.
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