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Lowe’s Law of Equilibrium for Orbiting Objects

Doug Lowe’s 1st Law states that when an object maintains a stable orbit around another object, the force of gravity between the objects is counter balanced by a propulsive force generated by the orbiting object at right angles to the force of gravity in the direction of motion of the orbiting object.
Doug Lowe’s 2nd Law states that if an orbiting object generates a propulsive force in excess of that required to maintain a stable orbit, the surplus force will be used up in the production of rotational motion

Yet again in the commentary by Lisa Grossman (New Scientist 2 November 2013 page 11), Dark Matter fails to become visible. This expensive failure sits in a long string of failures to discover the source of the vast bulk of the energy sloshing about in our universe.
The scientific herd should come out of denial and dig a big hole for Dark Matter, bury it forever and save a few billions of world currency because it does not exist.

Dark matter does not exist because of Lowe’s Law of Equilibrium for Orbiting Objects. It is worth repeating because it puts a very different slant on how we deal with gravity and matter!
Lowe’s Law states that when an object maintains a stable orbit around another object, the force of gravity between the objects will be counter balanced by a propulsive force generated by the orbiting object at right angles to the force of gravity in the direction of motion of the orbiting object

If you recognise that dark matter does not exist but so called dark energy does exist then it is a short step to say that the 80% of all the energy in our universe is in fact attached to the matter all around us. So now you have to accept that matter all around us has 3 fundamental properties not two: mass, gravity and propulsion and you have found your dark energy.

Without the propulsion vector, matter would be a permanent singularity and alternatively comets would always impact directly with the sun because without the propulsion force giving it the boost to take a straight line around the sun (instead of curving into it), the comet having momentum only could not resist the sun's gravity so would be dragged straight into it.

What I am hoping to start in this discussion is ideas for how the free energy of gravity can be converted into the 3rd fundamental property of matter - propulsion.

The other line of discussion which you may be thinking about is how the FREE energy of magnetism (like gravity) can be converted into a force of propulsion based on Lowe's law. By understanding this law I think we might have the key that the megalithic builders had and our scientists have blanked since Newton formulated his laws.

I believe that engaging the force of free magnetism with matter of a particular kind in a particular way will result in harnessing its free propulsive forces - maybe with a bit of electro-mechanical help.

Finding the combinations of magnetism and matter which will give us the propulsive force is what our quest is about. I am on the case, are you?

This force is what enabled the builders of Stonehenge to transport their huge blocks of stone - without roads - a distance of 160 miles. Even in the unlikely event that they did build a special road from West Wales (Carn Goedog near the west coast of Wales) across rivers estuaries mountains and valleys, what kind of machines must they have had to move 60 blocks of stone 4 tons in weight amounting to 240 tons. Even if they were moved first over land and then by sea it would have been a monumental achievement with primitive sledges etc and barges - AND how would they have propelled them?
Then there are the sarsens which come from about 25 miles away. These stones numbered about 80 originally and an average of about 30 tons; one was estimated to be 50 tons and 100 feet long.That's a total of of about 2400 tons they had to move without any evidence of roads having been built to transport them.
Even today our roads and vehicles are too flimsy to move a 50 ton rock 100 feet long: It would take 3 x 40ft trailers loaded end to end pulled by 2 tractors at each end and they would struggle to move it up hill and down and our bridges would not be able to take the weight. Are you convinced?
Check out this link:

You can check out my blog on the subject of dark matter and energy at:


  • Hi @galacticdoug
    i just wanted to read your blog, but it keeps saying, that i have no rights to open that URL @ blogger :(
    Are those posts public?

  • Hi All. Thanks M for pointing out my error in the link to my blogs - I am short of experience in blogging etc. This is the link. Please have a look at my Dark Matter and Energy blogs:
  • have you read my posts on, how ed used the crescent moon a Saturn, to help him lift the stone after ed used the pmh as a magnetricity holder[electromagnet holder] if you can find it then I will repeat it here for you, [being that the sun is push and the planets are infact pull] !
    Hi Ironshades. Thanks for your comment. I think there are 2 aspects of neutralising gravity. One is this thing about how Ed neutralised gravity with help of planets which I think is a bit far fetched. I believe that the forces were harnessed in a much more controllable and direct way.
    The other aspect of the problem of the ancient builders is how they propelled their objects over great distances and across mountains and seas etc., when they weighed sometimes 100's of tons. I can't buy the magnetricity stuff. I don't think it is the right direction to solve the problems especially after so many people have been trying to follow what seemed to be Ed's way. There is a missing link which nobody has found yet.
    Please check out my blogs on energy and dark matter:

    The solution has got to be in our back yard so to speak: Somehow we have to remove the blindness which our technology has emposed on us so we can't easily see how our ancestors (or the alien colonists) did it!

  • @galacticdoug Thanx! This link works better. ;) I'll read it.
  • Somehow this discussion has to get back on track! The fact is that a lot of serious engineers have tried to replicate Ed's phenomenon and we are still waiting.... I have built numerous alternative energy/ propulsion devices over the past 50 years which I was sure would work - zilch - nothing - not even a glimmer of working in any of them. By glimmer of working I mean producing a usable, transportable, neutralising of gravity or alternative form of propulsion.
    Generating electricity out of the devices does not count.
    My devices are based on my observations and theories but finding the combination of components used in the right way that works eludes me and everybody else.
    Ed may have stumbled upon or discovered the components and used them in the right way but failed to leave the missing link(s). If he had we would have found it!
    The PRACTICAL answer in nuts and bolts has got to be re-discovered and we have to re-examine the evidence.
    You have to think world wide not just Ed's Palace. Huge blocks of stone up to 1200 tons were moved by the megalithic builders for distances of many miles and they did some of this work more than 10,000 years ago. We can't move a 1200 ton block of stone more than a few metres over land at all with all of our technology today.
    Have a look at this: stone
  • I have built numerous alternative energy/ propulsion devices over the past 50 years which I was sure would work - zilch - nothing - not even a glimmer of working in any of them. By glimmer of working I mean producing a usable, transportable, neutralising of gravity or alternative form of propulsion.
    That must be a bit frustrating :( but i see, you didn't give up. That's great!

  • Thank you IS and G. I have given up many times thinking I have reached a dead end - left the last device on my work bench for a couple of years - then get another spark of inspiration and start another build.
    I still think I am in reach of cracking it - more than ever!

    I start my next build in a few days time. The vision of those 1200 ton blocks of stone being moved by the FORCE never leaves me...... I wonder if those ancient guys used some kind of gravity neurtralising cloak - like an invisibility cloak so the weightless objects could be moved around with the push of a hand. Is this what Ed managed to do - cloak the stones in a neutralising cloak?
    Sorry but I can't see what the PMH concept has to do with neutralising gravity and harnessing the alternative forces. Others have been there and where has it got them? It is interesting but how do you harness it? That is for somebody else to try.
    Anyway, my current experiments DO use magnets but I am trying to get away from the kinds of experiments that others have been doing. My thinking is moving on as I am not interested in generating electricity or any other kind of ......tricity. We have to neurtralise or harness gravity to generate a propulsive force. The same could be said for magnetic energy.... both are free!!!
  • Doug, the real problem is we are fed disinformation by the propaganda machines in the interest of national security. Only those that need to know get the full picture, and usually the agency picks those people out of the pool of talent our system is set up to distinguish. Thus even some professors do not get to know!

    Well, we do not have to remain ignorant if we are willing to take a skeptical view , and believe our own experimental results are as valid as any top scientists.

    Do not believe much of what you read vis a vis gravity. Ask yourself what is gravity? And what is Levity? Newton did!

    Until Einstein, most physicists would not entertain an alternative view of gravity to that the top astronomers after Cotes decided upon. They decided that Newton had discovered the Laws of gravity, even though Newton said he did not know what he had formulated!

    When you spend 50 years proving that something is not right, it's time to look at your core beliefs !
  • @galacticdoug The key here is to just build Leedskalnin's flywheel and built 2 PMH's, and run some tests. Buy the simple action of calling my thoughts far fetched . you are over looking some thing that's right in you face . With all of your grand education certainly cost a lot of good hard eared money/time is the magnetics . All the properties of magnetics when it comes to electricity, and electrons. There is no Historical Evidence early man used electricity, how ever there is a lot of evidence they had power. Is it so far fetched to simply rebuild Leedskalnin's fly wheel ? It's not hard to see Ed simply took the old magneto design and turned it inside out after all the design is really a Keely design made for Henry Fords magnetic cars. If you study you will find when the electricity market opened for everyone, it destroyed the Rockefeller money machine. OIL[lamp oil]. Now when you break oil down you really get gasoline and kerosene . When Rockefeller was dumping gas in steams having know use for it the combustion engine was being born. Having learned about this new engine run on shit he was throwing away, he gave Henry Ford a chance of a life time . All Ford has to do was take his free magnetic motor out of his cars , and run gas, in a trade for mass production . many of the first Ford cars were in fact magneto run. and were sent to Germany, an other place THE Rockefeller oil was being sold. The Nazi, Hitler, and Ford were buddies . Ford wrote a book called 'THE WORLD WIDE JEW'. There are some pictures going around of Tesla, Einstein, Leedskalnin, in Germany around this time certainly they had seen rode and or drove a early Ford car., Now Detroit electric had a battery powered car and Fords wife did drive one but Rockefeller buried Fords magnetic motor. Ed leeskalnin sweet 16 could very well have been his first car the early Ford cars had 16 V-magnets on it's flywheel , that stayed in motion do to the magnets within the bell housing of the magnetic motor the flywheel was seated in.
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