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Deeds - Ed Leedskalnin's documented transactions

Property Ed Leedskalnin purchased


  • Ed's estate, handling of nephews

  • Serial Numbers of Registration -Selective Draft will be based on these officials numbers and will start soon
    Number 549

  • Blows me away how much money Ed left behind, I had no idea... I knew he had stocks in some things so the rumors go but wow ... there should also be a deed concerning frank leonard in 1922
  • I will look it up/research
    Ed was well rounded
  • I have it somewhere has address to but not sure what state, i think it has been mentioned before here but could be a different one which would mean Ed had four properties in the states during his time there
  • Another deed back in the day
  • Thanks for posting these Dante. Good to see others interested in Ed's history. Would be interesting to see the actual deeds in the archives in Florida/California/Oregon.
  • I have tried to track down info on Dr. Adolph Sarma in the past but to no avail. I wonder what his relationship to Ed was. All the other people wanting a piece of his money were relatives.
  • Thanks @Ones65118 ; @OROLO
    I will try and locate the deeds, worst case an archivist
    There were also a few references about owing someone money back in another state. Ed was supposed to join the military, there was a notice in one paper I found regarding a list of people wanted for being "absent"
    This would seem to confirm what Marlinski found regarding a code " Not Eds War"
  • @OROLO
    May I ask what leads you to believe Dr. Adolph Sarma was talking with Ed?
    I will try a search as well. Do you have small bits of information on Dr Sarma?
  • Hi Dante,

    I don't know what the connection was, if any, between Dr. Sarma and Ed. I only find it interesting that he was the only one mentioned in that article that doesn't appear to be related to him. I'm curious why he would have wanted a piece of Ed's estate. If he truly was a doctor you wouldn't think he would be desperate for money. Unfortunately I haven't found any info on him yet.
  • After Ed passed - Name change from Rock Gate to Coral Castle

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