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Magnetic Current page 3 overlay of page 1

Haven't seen anyone else ever post this.. so wanted to show the alignment of the Magnetic Current cover rectangle over page 3 of MC:

The EXACT width just seems way too much of a coincidence to me to be an accident. You notice here the yellow "L" is "EAST" both right to left and top to bottom.
You notice the bottom "L" that is blue is "NITIN".. which I believe is QEDEM or SDM transliterated from Hebrew to English by positional value in the alphabets. Notice that the caps on left margin of the paragraphs are "TFFNIT". If you subtract 1 from each in a Caesar Cipher shift you get "SEE MHS". Notice that the "H" is 8 or twice of 4 or "D". Also, notice that there is on the left margin the number of lines between the "NIT" is 16 and 6... and on the horizontal line.. 31 and 13. This means if you reversed the "I" and "n" on that line.. you'd have 32 and 12. Notice that this also is twice the 16 and 6.


  • If you carry on the similar pattern with yellow "L" as the blue "L" of doubling the gap counts, then you get this sort of thing:

    But notice there is 43 characters between the capital "T" and "E" on the first line of page 3 of MC, but the calculations puts the number at 38 instead. It just so happens this 38 number is the same as the vertical arm of the blue "L" on that same page. .. the "NIT". So, the only character that is found on the first line 5 times between those 2 caps is the letter "O". SO, if we ignore the "O"s for now and just look at the other letters.. and find what letters align to the "1,20,23,38" positions... to double the gaps between the "1,9,11,21" of the vertical "EAST".. you get the letters "EUNT".

    Never heard of the word, but it turns out it is a LATIN word meaning "THEY ARE GOING". If this is correct interpretation... then most likely ED is referring to the letters as "THEY". So, the yellow "L" is really "EUNT EAST"... which is Latin and English.

    Here is the 4 directions of EDL's EAST rectangle:

    right to left: LATIN "EUNT" or "they are going"
    left to right: SDM (where "H" is halved to "D") for Hebrew QEDEM or "east"
    bottom to top: SDM (where "H" is halved to "D") for Hebrew QEDEM or "east"
    top to bottom: English "EAST"

    (Classical) IPA(key): /ˈe.unt/, [ˈe.ʊnt]

    third-person plural present active indicative of eō

  • Not sure how this works in the cipher if I'm on the right track.. but the bottom line of the rectangle has 47 characters. To be a 38 unit square all around.. we would need to subtract 9 characters from that line. We subtracted 5 "o"s from the top line remember. The ONLY character on that bottom line that is found 9 times on it is the letter "e".

    Therefore, if we subtract 5 "O"s from top of rectangle and 9 "E"s from bottom of rectangle, we end up with a square of 38 units on all sides.
  • Here is some more options on top line to spell "EAST" rather than the "EUNT". This would be the case where the horizontal and vertical gaps don't double like the bottom "L". This is more of the 10/20 spacing that was also reinforced with the dots drawn in on page 5. Notice here also in the blue marks I made that the "E" and "T" are the 5th and 20th characters respectively.. which is the right positions for those letters in English alphabet. The two center "AS" though would be "KK".

    gz.JPG 170.6K

  • I just noticed that the "n" and "d" in the word "lined" can be turned up side down and mirrored into "up" as shown above.

    as.JPG 15.4K
    at.JPG 17.4K
  • An interesting fact about the gematria in Hebrew of the word EAST or QEDEM is it's 144. If you divide by 4 sides of a square.. you are left with 36. This seemingly 38 unit square really has 36 letters on all 4 sides totaling 36 x 4 = 144.. with 4 corner letters totaling 148.

    An interesting thing about those 4 corner letters in caps on page 3 MC is starting from top left, to top right, to bottom right, to bottom left, you form "TENT".. You also formed the letter "BET" in Hebrew..which is a pictogram and literally means "TENT" or "HOME".

  • THis is the BET or TENT on page 3 Magnetic Current.
    bc.JPG 113.3K
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