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Ed's executor of estate

Just a thought. It's a debate whether ed wrote the stats page of ABIEH. It's presumed it appeared after his death, as I understand, after the 3rd owner took control. There's a few curious things about this, and ed's death. First, ed obviously had a last will and testament. It's known he left CC or Rock Gate to his nephew, who in turn, sold it to the 3rd owners, because he could not maintain it. So, if ed had a will, who was his executor? And more importantly, what is stated in ed's will? Are there stipulations about the books ed wrote? In particular, how they are printed, the size, format and paper? CC seems to have a standard set by ed, and the question has been asked in the past, who keeps this standard? Well, no one knows, when questioned about where the books come from, even the manager at CC could only say she just orders more, and doesn't know anything about the publisher. The trail goes cold there. Also, if ed had a will, where is it now? Who has it? And what does it say? Perhaps there is an eager researcher, who could get to the bottom of this someday. As of now, I wouldn't know where to begin.
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