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Ed Leedskalnin at his flywheel

edited July 2017 in Edward Leedskalnin
Here is my latest work on Ed's photo and would like to start a discussion on it


  • Here is my latest video
  • Interesting video. What happened to the first video?
  • Yes, interesting ideas, especially that there are stones inside the flywheel. Others have suggested water and even mercury.
  • Mercury is more conductive than water. Heaters use the volume change to make and break contact. Spinning a bottle of mercury, the faster it spins, the less mercury in the bottom of the bottle. If your contacts are hanging down into the bottle. The fast spin would cause the circuit to be opened. As it slows down the mercury will close the circuit and the wheel will speed back up. While the mercury switch is open you could use the wheel to charge until drag slows it down.
  • I like it, but doesn't seem very tweekable. I'm in the market for a high amperage pulse width modulator with frequency adjustments in the 1hz or less range. Any ideas?
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