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Moon fountain/raised edge



  • ..and since we're on the topic of stars.. what about the center of the PISCES constellation? What exists there?

    Isn't it Triangulum and crescent shaped Aries.. but right in the center above that is Pleiades. Now, it is also known as the "7 sisters".. 7 stars.. but one is hidden for 6. There is a 6 pointed star in the center of the Moon Fountain. Now, isn't there 5 other 6 pointed stars spaced throughout Rock Gate?

    1. By Moon Dial and Earth stone
    2. Bird Fountain in the Grotto of the 3 Bears
    3. Saturn Obelisk Top
    4. "Drop 10c Below" before entrance to West Gate
    5. Above the bathtub in the bedroom area on the East Wall
    6. Center of Moon Fountain

    There is 1 missing star to complete Pleiades.

    Would you believe that these stars fairly closely match the same pattern as the constellation Pleiades?

  • It's not a bad match this way.. and likely depends on how EDL projected the stars from the sky onto the earth.
  • Another possible alignment of EDL's 6 pointed stars and the Pleiades:

    It's not bad fit..considering the actual stars are
    2,611,290,000,000,000 miles
    away from Rock Gate
  • Hi constition,
    Interesting stuff. How do you know that hole in Ed's living quarters aims at Zenith?
  • Flem, that short for "flemel"?.. curious

    anyway.. Your question seems to maybe have many layers of thoughts in it to find a response. The obvious quick answer is that any hole points to the zenith if you align your eyeball in the right alignment. The trick is to find a way to put your eyeball in the right spot. We know EDL played with these tricks with crossed iron wires in his Polaris Telescope and its corresponding eyepiece. This is his way of finding the "celestial north pole". The other important astronomic alignment to find is the zenith angle in relationship to this angle. Once you know those 2 things, you can find your latitude on earth. This is what most mariners and explorers did in times past as I understand it.

    So.. what are some clues that EDL may have found a way to put his eyeball in the proper place to look through the hole and find the zenith? Well.. for one thing he seems to have the same crossed iron wires here as he does in his Polaris Telescope. That's a huge clue to me. The second is he can use a plum bob with a simple string and weight hanging from the intersection of those 2 wires in his ceiling and know exactly where to align his that string points to the center of the worth with the help of gravitational force. If he now can measure the exact angle from that string to the string angle that connects the polaris telescope to its eyepiece.. .. then he would know his exact latitude on earth.

    There are some pics I will put here that show that his "swing" has the west edge so that he could put his head under the inverted Y shaped chain and look straight up through the ceiling to find the zenith position or "star". Also, another clue is the bowl of water next to this window and swing is made of a gear with regular points that can be used to calculate circular angles. This is similar to the idea mariners used in determining their latitude..but maybe rotated 90 degrees.

  • Why put a gear in this location? Is it the best night table he could find in the junk yard with no purpose?
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    Very intriguing CONSTiTION excellent thoughts... One thing that we should remember is the ADM. sign does not belong at Rock Gate it was exclusive to Ed's Place and moved much later after Ed's death to present location. The Book In Every Home pictures you have correlated with the sky are also from Ed's Place. So what I am thinking is this is great because it is possible you have figured out the sky Earth alignment For Ed's Place,...At Ed's Place there was the ADM. sign, Porridge bowl star, The six pointed stool/table (that now resides by the "lunar Dial"), The Obelisk, the Star wall at bathtub, the Star at the center of the Moon Fountain and number Seven may be could be the star? buried partially in the ground which I believe is set in the South end presently and also I think was in Gossip Corner at Ed's Place (also South).... I am not sure if that works out with anything but Very very interesting. Now perhaps we can compare Rock Gate to Ed's Place and see just why Ed changed the alignments between the two places! If R.L. Pooles date is right (the one he derived from the "constellation wall" at Rock Gate) ... I wonder what date set in stone was Ed showing us at Ed's Place? I also agree with the Cassiopeia relation to Ed's EZ chair :)
  • flem said:

    Dante, I am with you on the quadrant. I think it is symbolic not ornamental. I've tossed around some ideas on another thread because I think it's position and what it's pointing "at" is a key...or I should say that what the invisible compass is pointing at is a key.
    Here is an image of my best estimation of its coordinates

    The star is pointed as it is in the fountain but enlarged to easily see it's contact points along the outer edges of the fountain

    This quadrant is Southwest. What comes from the southwest?
    A magnetic field? A burst of energy?
    6105195 and 7129, could also be translated as Flew and Dis, a divine comedy perhaps
    Or an anagram
    SW Field

    46 and 32

  • Dante,
    About SW.. I've been looking for something in the sky in SW myself.
    Why? Because if you stand in EDL's tower door at the top of his 16 stairs and look to the East door jamb there is carved the famous 7129 over 6105195. Most people don't mention the whole just to the left of these if it has no meaning. It is a similar peep hole as the Polaris Telescope eyepiece or the center of the King's Stone. When I shut one eye and look through it.. I see the hole is curved and it focuses on the south edge of the Florida Table.. where Homestead is located on the real scale Florida. From what I measure, the angle is roughly 25.5 degrees west of south... obviously the latitude of Rock Gate (but I am not sure of this). If memory servers correct, I think I calculated the tilt angle from the top edge of Florida table to this hole in the north face of the tower to roughly 9.13 degrees elevation.

    Since it's in the tower.. and since I told you about what I witnessed with the "blackhole" effect of light in the fog in the early morning darkness hours.. i wonder if they are related somehow.
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    They are related, how would we recognize what it means?
    Since we are on the topic of lips, it should also be mentioned regarding mythology

    Lips - the Greek god of the southwest wind! Southwest field, the raised edge

    A definite match!
  • By the way, it is Jewish tradition to put a box on both door jambs and roll up a scroll with Hebrew characters from Torah written on them. I found a relationship between those numbers 7129 6105195 and the version of the name of God associated with that custom in Deuteronomy. That could be another clue since it all seems to be associated by EDL to that peephole that focuses on RockGate from a satellite perspective in the SW .. looking down on southern florida.
  • I've never been to CC
    The relationship of those two numbers is I.A.O. (creative principle)
    The spiritual principle of light and life
    In my humble opinion

  • Dante,
    Many don't know the numbers are on the top of the East door jamb and also carved in the bottom of the west door jamb... in a slightly different juxt-alignment. I'm not familiar with I.A.O. but you've mentioned several times. Can you elaborate? I will also show you the Hebrew name of God that is in Deuteronomy and how it relates to those numbers.. as well as some mathematical things related to primes.

    For instance... 71 29 .. the 20th and 10th primes. 61 and 19.. the 18th and 8th primes. If you look in geometry at a square of 100 units.. then you see the 71 and 29 marks the sweep of the half-diagonals of the square out to the edges.. 0.7071. So, the square goes 100 units in index and 30 units in the equivalent primes. This is a very unending mental exercise if you pursue it.

    Also, you can see in 6 10 5 19 5.....that you have all the Hebrew characters for YHWH right?... Yod 10, heh 5, vav 6, heh 5. The tetragrammaton. You just have a 1 alef and 9 tet in there as well or 19 qof.

    The tradition of Jews is Mezuzah and the doorposts:

    The verse they put from the Torah is:
    Deuteronomy 6:4-9
  • Hi Everyone, my name is RL Poole, and I am a Coral Castle researcher. Feel free to check out my videos on this subject, and subscribe to my channel if you would like. I am hoping to have some great discussions on the forums! Here is one of my most exciting discoveries:

  • Mr. Poole.. I like your style. Very informative. Especially like the openness with ideas rather than all the cloak and dagger you get with most who research this stuff.

    Here's the main thought I had in relationship of "same for magneticity as electricity" (paraphrased)...

    I took Engineering at University with Calculus Applied Physics and didn't too much like electricity and magnetism much as I liked Newtonian Physics.. but one thing I remembered is that the Electric and Magnetic fields are right angles to each other. Isn't that what we see there with the word "EAST"?.. and "EAIST"?
    And with Hebrew Gematria in the 4 directions of 1 to 22 to 1... you have all perfect match except EAST is 9 more.. 153 rather than 144. You notice he even put an "I" or 9th letter of the alphabet.. within the East. He also follows the Fibonacci sequence.. 2,3,5,8.. with 3 spacers... for 21 total.
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