The Magnetism of Life

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Biological organisms at the cellular level , bacteria and other microbes synthesis lodestone or magnetite. A domain of magnetite is a lodestone not a bar magnet. These basic lodestone minerals are a fundamental biological unit of magnetism. Lodestone or iron oxide crystals are paramagnetic . Are they the source of magnetic behaviour?

Ampères circuitous depiction of magnetic behaviour required the particles of iron oxide or copper to be dynamic not static . What could be so small that it is dynamic in solid particles or solid materials? In fact it is not in solid materials at all but about the space in which a solid core can be found. But Amoères was convinced it was in dynàmic circuitous motion because a circuit behaved the same way.

It is this trochoidal rotation that is ignored or misunderstood by electromagnetic theory.

Like a homeostatic reaction magnetism priduces electricity and electricity produces magnetism : in other words rotation produces rotation .

Acid +alcohol <> ester + water

This reversible/ equilibrium reaction is driven in one direction by a catalyst that favours the desired outcome . Similarly magnetism can be driven to produce "electricity". But better still is to regard these asc2 modes of magnetic behaviour or 2 trochoidalmrotationsbof space-time or aether.


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    Permanent magnets and rotations at radio frequency are used . The antennae detects the RADAR reflections generated in the body tissues by the magnetite in the cells .
    The neutron / protons theoretically stimulated would produce an atomic resolution not yet achieved!, but the neutron or proton behaviour is distinct from the electron behaviour and so that is the exposition given
    However if this trochoidal rotational behaviour is fundamental then the neutron/ proton is best considered as a particular pattern of this trochoidal or magnetic behaviour rather thn a particle with these behaviours, apparently.

  • In general replace straight line forces( as in torque) with rotational forces . Balancing rotational forces give us the " straight line" resultants . Note the frequency variation of the torque is demonstrated as a arc force!

  • So misleadingly named!!

  • As Gilbert established : magnetic( paramagnetic) behaviour is the psychological basis for articulating electricity!
    We may use hydraulic models to model these magnetic behaviours or hydrodynamic models but we should understand that these are specifics of the more general fluid dynamics.

  • Magnetic sense xxx
    This is quite exciting ! Xxx

    The Biofield explained simply
    Wherever it says electric realise that underpinning that effect must be a varying magnetic dynamic! I say must only because I accept magnetic dynamics as a sound basis to begin any explanatory analysis and synthesis.
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