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The Perpetual Motion Holder



  • @Gardener
    Very interesting. It of course presents mechanical problems if the magnetic particles are not a plasma . If the particles are a plasma there are problems characterising the magnetic status of an individual particle! Particle description is wholly inadequate.

    However, this set up can be described in terms of a Masing or Lasing device, where the internal reflection keeps the coherent “beam within the device, and the accelerating primary is the Masing “pump” or stimulator . The secondary coil would be the receiver , and here I switch models to the NMR device structure.
    The secondary coil will be stimulated but at the current level of u derstanding that would be attributed to magnetic inductance by the primary coil!

    NMR demonstrates without a doubt that a magnetic contribution from the accelerated plasma can be expected.
    Now switch to the P M H device. Is the wiring in this device conducive to sustaining a magnetic current in and through the Plasma?
    The situation requires further investigation and experimentation.

    Here the current methodology is to quantise the electrical input as a quantum particle described by the Planck constant and frequency and then to deal with the characterisation statistically/probabilstically. The characterisation is then manipulated to give a statistical and probabilistic outcome and it is this that the data is compared to.

    It’s mathmagic! And of course it is described as highly accurate! We are told Quantum Mechanics has not yet failed to give accurate results! When you look at it really it is all statistics and possibly mostly damn lies!😂
    Any way the PMH is a foundational anchor in understanding magnetodynamic sin the universe,
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