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    Here we see how current does not flow in a wire as is commonly taught. Instead it flows in a magnetic current which surrounds the wire and behaviours in the exactly the same way as capacitance.

    Because people do not use the concept of magnetic current they fail to see reactance is exactly the same as capacitance. We also see how the masing effect works in a capacitance reactance/ inductance form as we look at the cavity which is formed by the geometric construction of the coil. See how measured voltage does not necessarily cause measured current or how voltage may precee or lag behind current. These experiments show the importance of frequency as well as amplitude in producing so-called electric current effects.

    Capacitors and inductors both create frequency dependent masing effects. Capacitors inductors and batteries all store magnetic current and release it through an alteration of the impedance at junctions. This alteration is frequently dependent.

    It helps to be critical and skeptical, but that is not enough . You have to doubt your on certainty and start from the fundamental primitives all the time. What is a Watt? What is power? What is energy? Who is trying to convince you of what?
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    The " cause" of the magnetic structure around stars nd planets is a turbulent pama. This addresses a structural form not an ontological development of magnetic behaviour, as we start with magnetic materials and change the measured distribution of the magnetic double layers.

    Magnetic double layers deserve to be set as fundamental primitives to all theory of Fotce and allied to the fundamental notion of pressure, utilising a Bscovich description of the theory of force.

    Here we see how the PMH creates a magnetic current in materiality. In this instance the intense local field creates plasma in a gas filled tube which circulates in the tube , confined by the impedance in the tube walls. Similarly the impedance in the iron core retains the circulating magnetic current as well as drawing in mor of the inducing force.

    The double aligned coil serve to Mase the current into a coherent circulation .

    Here we see how the ozone p,asma follows the secondary and tend to peak at where the primary and secondary cross. The magnetic current , expressed as a voltage at these points is differential enough to turn some of the air into plasma. . The flow of the plasma is not illustrated, but from sun observations I would expect it to follow the magnetic current observing the double layer/ Bloch wall distinctions. And the characteristic cavity conditions for MASING , between the primary and secondary wires, the open secondary forms a sinuous cavity in which we should expect a coherent standing magnetic current oscillation to occur, hence " charge" sparking.
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    :) now this video was pretty twisted! :D :D

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    Gardener said:

    :) now this video was pretty twisted! :D :D

    Glad it did not make you recoil! :lol:
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    The coils whatever geometry wave guide magnetic current. Magnetic current is a fluid that flows around and through all materials, with a characteristic impedance. But it expands and contracts dependent on geometry.
    There is no current in a wire( Ivor Catt) . Instead the magnetic current flows around the wire or conductor/ inductor. However the magnetic current permeates materiality, and all materiality is susceptible to varying degrees. .iron, nickel and cobalt for example are highly permeable. They exhibit a magnetic current behaviour at frequencies not taken into consideration until transformer design showed its relevance. But because of the blinkered electron current flow notion, the patently obvious magnetic current alternating cycle behaviour was idelibed.

    Radiant energy , electric fields, potential, all refer to the magnetic current dynamic in materiality. .

    Ground / short circuiting a magnetic current causes the frequncy to apparently disappear, because the impedance to most frequencies drops to almost zero to ground, but to extremely large on the return path, usually through a tiny junction , which can consequently vaporise .

    The human body as a conductor /inductor is to be expected due to all the magnetolytic/ electrolytic elixir fluids within it!
    When Galvano found frog legs jumping it was because of what was called animal magnetism, considered as a 2 fluid structure upon a neutral materiality. . We now know there is no neutral materiality, just a neutral equilibrium between the magnetic double layers.

    The signals that return via the human body fluids are at a range of frequencies that increase the dynamics of the magnetic current , and a lot more understanding should be gathered from the Qi masters about how certain humans and animals can cultivate these dynamics from the universal m/ cosmic magnetic current.

    Magnetic current is not split according to the electromagnetic field theories because that is one aspect of magnetic current fluid behaviour.

    Magnetic current if course influence the plasma in the p,asma ball, but certain conditions have to be met, not the least the establishment of a magnet double layer around the p,asma , a coherent plasma beam of a narrow frequency range within the magnetic double layers frequency range as well as the strength or amp,itude of the magnetic field oscillation. The position of the Bloch wall is important to maximise this influence,
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