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  • Gardener,
    Yeah, that cleared it up in my mind. Realized I was confusing reflection and refraction equations in Physics.
  • @RB,
    I've been researching your pic and posting a bit. I saw the Latin word for Delicias can mean "gather". I then saw this logo for wikimedia that posted that webpage:
    .. in top left corner. Isn't it pretty much the same symbol in the archway? The sun/mars symbol. .. or Uranus... and the inward arrows like Gravity also seem to represent that Italian word Delicias perhaps.
  • I see the Hebrew words are from Gen 1:2 which I love:

    It also reminds me of what I decoded on page 3 MC.. "SPIRO G C IT LIGHT"... and one of the meanings of SPIRO is BREATH.. or SPIRIT.
  • I found something very odd related to this Alchemical portal legends. The 2nd legend mentions Kircher and Bernini involved in constructing the gates. But when I was looking at both people's biographies.. I see they both died on 28 November, 1680. Now out of curiosity I have to see why they both died. Perhaps an inquisition or something.
  • @CONSTITiTION interesting find! I will search their creations and look for clues.

    I wonder if anyone here has a flywheel and wants to try some alignments?
  • @RB,
    I don't have a flywheel. I do know someone on this forum in Europe was selling the magnets but was very expensive when considering the shipping cost. I could buy them if still available if you like but would take months likely to get anything of practical use to test such "alignments". I truly don't even know exactly what that means.
  • @CONSTITiTION I just meant to try and make a flywheel work by putting the missing pieces in the right places. No need to buy the pieces from far away.

    @Magnetic_Universe do you have a flywheel? @Gardener? Anyone?

    Can anybody share or point to CAD files with the design and correct sizes & ratios as the real flywheel?
  • On the old CC Forum there was a person in Kansas City that built the first one I knew of. He posted a few pics. Not sure if he's still around or not. Likely Charlie would know.
  • I only have a 6*6*12 wheel right now. Like someone told me, the neo magnets make it easy to get the strong field without using as many magnets.
    Unfortunately my little wheel doesn't have the mass. Hence it turns at 1200 rpm. But I do understand that magnetic vortex you talked about. A few of us noticed using a south pole in the middle on the north side of earth. Your wheel will be effected. Actually spins faster if you experiment. Try pointing a north pole up, it should slow down instead of speeding up.
    Not sure if I could help, since my wheel isn't the same.
    I do like the way "built by one man" used the cloverleaf as a cam.
    There is a difference in which way my magnets point. Mine point up and down not out like Ed's. Then again my coils sit above and below and not on the outside ring, like lawnmowers. I find interesting the coils don't move much for not being attached to anything. I also know those two coils have to be wired correctly to get that shock from them. This is where I make the connection with male/female magnets.
    I can't figure out is the cement used for a battery, or is it simply used as mass. Doubling the mass verses doubling the speed. One of these two has a greater effect. More mass stores more energy, than more speed, I do believe.
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