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Rock Gate/Coral Castle Information and Photos - Various Articles from 1950+

Complete articles which are useful in describing Rock Gate over the years


  • A nice picture of Eds tool room from 1973

  • A year before Ed passed away

  • Interesting enough, a month later a similar article was published with different captions

  • Ghost of a Dead Romance

  • Awesome! Thank you for posting these. Notice in the "famous homes" picture, Ed's sculpture still looks in tact the shells do not appear to be broken, hard to see but very cool :)
  • Wow, that Bill Barry was a hell of a writer! And it looks like that grinding machine was exactly that
  • A picture of a phonograph. A new way of smoking. Reminds me of the last time my photo was in the paper and a woman's head was in my hand if you held the page to the light. Someone years ago showed me how to type set the two pages to reveal a hidden message in the story. By using two different stories. Like the movie about Joule's Vern using different books together made a detailed map with a partial drawing in each book. Never store your eggs in one basket. Eastern star ad on the right which is a order of the masons. 38 hi-power tools section. Like a 38 revolvers. Interesting.....
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    1967 article, records

  • 1958 Article, Coral Castle

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    The Miami News 1966 - good information
    The few photos that exist show " Eds Books " are nailed to a board, and a few of them are catalogues for radio equipment.
    In this article is states..there were many books on his neat shelf of Mathematics and Astrology.

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