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ED Marlinski's Pages, Earth Longitudes, and 4 Hebrew Directions



  • Dante,
    That is very cool! Haven't seen it.. but doesn't surprise me much. I can take this EDEN thing MUCH further than I already have. For instance look at this math:

    Notice there is what I call "prime eden" and "index eden". Index numbers are counting numbers...and primes are the order of prime found in relationship.
    If you're familiar with EDL's South and West walls ..on the inside he has "altars". If you count the number of huge stones that make up the south wall.. there is 22. And the West wall is 26. The 22nd and 26th numbers are the same stone. This of course is reminiscent of a 22 letter Hebrew Alphabet and a 26 letter English alphabet 90 degrees (composing a grid). The sun dial gnomon for instance is on the line between the 10th and 11th stones along the south wall. This is in Hebrew directions math.. between South and West. In EDM's book..this would be the beginning of his Arabic numbered pages.. and also between Ch1 and 2.. page 10 and 11.

    Also, notice how this pic aligns the altars at the centers of the 2 Edens and 1 in-between at 11/31.

    If you count the far top left stone.. moving left to right along the south wall.. as camera angle is looking south.. then you see where the 3 altars are located. Mathematically, the left altar left edge is the center of Prime Eden.. the left Edge of the middle altar is the right edge of Prime Eden and also is the line that the center of the sun-dial gnomon is aligned on.. and the right edge of the middle altar is the beginning of Index Eden.. and the right-most 3rd altar traverses 2 stones in the wall and has the greenman statue... with a spiral cut rising in the stones. This altar aligns with the moondial gnomon center. This 3rd altar marks the center of the Index Eden. The flywheel exists centered between the 19th and 20th stones..and marks the right edge of the Index Eden.

    It seems to me also that he may have marked in deep indents n the north face of the stones.. the prime stones.. 2,3,5,7..etc. However, I'm not 100% sure of perfect match on all those primes.

  • Is it just possible that ED Leedskalnin was somehow associated with Judaism or a Hebrew org..secret or not.. and just didn't want people in the South in the 20's to 50's to know about it.. for whatever reason? Is it purely coincidental that both owners of Coral Castle are/were rich Jews from Chicago? Just saying.
  • Dante,
    I noticed that the article you posted quotes "Garden of Eden". Are they quoting the Bible.. or perhaps quoting EDward Leedskalnin? He used to quote himself when he published postcards, etc.
    "SEE" Rock Gate.... or see the first 3 paragraphs of Magnetic Current and look at the first letter..and subtract 1 letter placement... from "TFF" to "SEE"?
  • Jason,
    I'll be honest about the coins.. it's interesting.. but I'm truly not sold yet. I freely admit I havent' put in the hardwork to fact check your claims yet on page 101 to 104..but I'll keep it in mind and try to get to that. You ask questions about the 4 rivers. I don't know for sure I related the rivers to a circle.. but one interesting fact about Hebrew word for "circle" is 17 and so is "good".

    But I believe I've told you before that EDL's last 4 of 5 published works contains 1343 lines of text. If you sum the gematria for the 4 rivers of eden:

    pishon = 446
    gichon = 77
    hiddekel = 142
    perath = 680

    total = 1345

    Now, also the first work that he didn't mention should be "counted together".. has 681 lines.. Perath or Euphrates.. or 4th river 680 +1.
    So, we have a +1 in 680 and a -2 in 1345 - 1343. The center is 1344 which is the number of spheres found in bottom 7 layers when you stack 2024 spheres 22 layers high in a tetrahedron. The top 15 layers contain 680 spheres.

    There is some 3D circles?
  • ...the 681st line in ABIEH.. is simply


    one of the first 2 things "Elohim" created
  • Ok, let me rephrase, I get it just fine. I just don't know what to do with it. Clearly it is there. There is no coincidence. It was designed this way. Yes it's purposeful. I get it, I'm trying to figure out how this circle is important. 4 quarters, 4 directions circling. Your lines of longitude, are the reeds on my dime. EDM focuses on edl's reeds drawn on the cover of ABIEH. If my quarter is your circle of directions, than the reeds on the quarter or dime are your lines of longitude. edl's and edm's methods all lead to the same convergence somehow. Degrees or units around a circle or sphere. Why did the hebrews think this was important enough? Where is it going next? I don't need convincing it's not a 'coinkidink'. Sorry, gematria isn't my strong suit, but I get it, I get it just fine, always have. I specialize in english, and the enigma is my gematria. the middle ground is math, numbers don't lie, and geometry or calculus is looking like the direction this is taking.
    The only 3D circle I know about is the great pyramid, and it's only half a sphere. sengA mentioned cubing the sphere, but my findings have only related to circling the square, and that was pure luck with me finding that. No one has commented on it yet either, which means, that no one probably gets the math but me, but I found it, so I can't expect it to be a revelation to anyone but me. Perhaps you can get it sometime, it's very interesting, but I don't know enough about the history of the squared circle problem to know If I found anything good yet there.

    ...the 681st line in ABIEH.. is simply


    one of the first 2 things "Elohim" created

    yup, and MC ends with 'light', the other... the first word of MC if you mirror it.

    and just a thought, if light was the first thing created, was darkness the second? Or is it the byproduct, the antithesis so to say, of light? Like Newton said, equal and opposite reaction. That's just a thought.
  • 'circle' is 17 and so is 'good'
    remember in the enigma, AG make EZ
    AG is 17
    it's all about the circle somehow, like you said UTERI, cycle of life and death perhaps.
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