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  • I've broken down my number findings. It's really easy to argue with these numbers. Simply count them all yourself. I've spent years doing it.. but still know there is likely things wrong here and there. But if someone studies this pic below of the 3 works' character numbers:
    Minerval, Vegetable and Animal Life
    Magnetic Base / Sound Base
    Newspaper Advertisement

    ..and if they conclude that there isn't more here to investigate.. well.. that person is not open minded and has no logic. This is simple math counting. A child could do it.. a very patient child.

    Closer look at the numbers.. 2 different ways show "the heavens" in light blue and "the earth" in green. Both the punctuation marks of the 3 works.. as well as the line numbers tell the same story and point to the first verse of the Torah.

    This is building to the point of as cohesive a message as there is at some point down the road. At least we're on a road that EDL built.. not one that someone else built.

  • The number 22 is very interestingly related to the numbers in Gen 1:1.
    The sum of 1 to 22 is 253
    The sum of first 22 primes is 791
    The square of 22 is 484

    Study the pics below and see how these numbers relate to 395 The Heavens and 296 The Earth.

  • g11 said:
    Just a question... (no need to answer) :)

    You know, how far the Moon is claimed to be from the Earth. It is said to be 384,400 km or so.
    Then a HAM radio wave is supposedly travelling 2x384000km = 768000km
    That is almost a MILLION of kilometres, right?

    How narrow is the most narrow directional antenna available to HAM amateurs?
    With that distance (to the Moon only), how big or spread is going that radio wave cone would be when it reaches the moon?

    What is the attenuation coefficient of the moon's surface? Would you say it is more reflective than attenuating?

    That vast diameter radio beam cone, reaching the moon, how would that reflect off the moon? Would it spread even more, because the moon is spherical or would the beam concentrate when being reflected?

    How about the Van Allen belts? How does a radio wave propagate through such region of very strong radiation?

    Could it bounce off something else?

    Below is an excerpt from your link. :) "power of 3 milliwats"?!
    Oh i see some keywords there too: "Moon landing", "Apollo"... :)
    World Moon Bounce Day, June 29, 2009, was created by Echoes of Apollo and celebrated worldwide as an event preceding the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. A highlight of the celebrations was an interview via the Moon with Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders. He was also part of the backup crew for Apollo 11. The University of Tasmania in Australia with their 26m dish was able to bounce a data signal off the surface of the Moon which was received by a large dish in the Netherlands - Dwingeloo Radio Observatory. The data signal was successfully resolved back to data setting a world record for the lowest power data signal returned from the Moon with a transmit power of 3 milliwatts - about 1,000th of the power of a flashlight lamp. The second World Moon Bounce Day was April 17, 2010 coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the conclusion of the Apollo 13 mission.
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    @Gardener Great questions. Answer(s): "data signal...". :smiley:
  • @Gardener Great questions. Answer(s): "data signal...". :smiley:

    heh.. yeah! that's right... Data Signals! Please pardon my english ;)
    I should have phrased the main question like this:
    Could those data signals be bouncing off something else than the Moon?

    How much did they say? 3 milliwatts? ehm...

    :) :) :)
  • Watch the movie E.T. . as a child I didn't understand his homemade relay using a speak'n'spell. Then the saw blade with notches was making contact on the speak n spell at different places. The umbrella with tin foil actually works. The handle holds your transmitter.
    At this point, we transmit data with pulsed lasers. For some reason people think they only come in red light. How the laser disc works. Try to remember the moon is hollow. At least that is what I was told when they detonated a nuclear bomb on the moon. This is when they stopped going back. Yeah 3 milliwatt. Government has many fifty megawatt and greater an10na's. Working with S.E.T.I. I realized how all these antennas are linked across a large area. If you pulse the outer ring, then middle, then center at the right time with a large area array. You can send out a big signal. We can tell where the signal came from by which antennas hear the signal first. Fractions of second from east coast to west coast.
    In experiment's, I noticed the radio signal emitting from the wheel. People thought it was strange I always opened the door just as they were about to knock.the switch on my wheel would get a strange chatter ,every time someone was around. Needless to say when the FCC decided to triangulate my signal I realized the less voltage equals less signal. A 170 volt pulse isn't as strong as a 700 volt pulse. By tapping the antenna to the caps, you can send simple Morse code. All my neighborhood knows to call me before the FCC.if you can't watch TV call me. What I tell people. Or if they are noticing interference on any of their electronics's. Sometimes I don't understand the laws. With my power kite it is the FAA I have to worry about, with the wheel it is the FCC. Power kite I bought so I could drag equipment up in the air. But restrictions prevent this. Why I bought lightning suppressors. From what I was told is they explode when hit by lightning saving costly damage to other equipment. This is why from time to time the radio station will go out for a couple of minute's. They have to replace the link. My power kite the main lines are around 450 pound test, my brake lines are 200+ each. If the brakes are pulled down instead of forward they don't act as brakes.until the kite climbs to the right angle. At 110 pounds it took me for a ride. People ask why I use chains to a ground spike to hold it in place.
    I used to watch the downlink on adjusting the receiver dish angle you could change satellites. Most now have trunking signals. So old receiver's don't work anymore. Used to know someone who had access to dish network current trunking codes. Just don't plug that box to a phone line. The codes will work until they change the satellite trunking key. Why I was showing images embedded in sound. This is what data transmitted over the radio looks like. Most are not watching with a spectrograph. :) enjoy
  • @CONSTITiTION do you know the size of the flywheel and the rings on top? Have you applied your research to it? I'm curious to hear.
  • Royalblue thanks for your remark about pit full of snakes. Brought back childhood memories of why the children at school called me "Boot's" . I forgot how snakes get trapped in the caves. I was always warned to stay away from the mines because the danger of cave in, diamond back rattle snakes, and blasting caps. The boot's were for Snake's, push down on the toes so the leather leg of your boot is away from your body. I was surprised the first time I set off a blasting cap. Big bang for such a small device.
  • g11 said:

    Most are not watching with a spectrograph.

    i do... :)

  • @g11 I'm sorry if it brought back bad memories man, I was being dramatic.

    @CONSTITiTION I didn't understand the purpose of your research at first, but now I begin to see.
  • Nah it was good memories. Mount Rushmore cave system, is full of pit vipers, and hidden gold. Why most of the cave system is restricted access. Black hills gold is different than other types of gold. My uncle showed me how pit vipers are ,filter dick ,both are jerk ,lethargic( how I hate my untrained dragon) lethargic (slow moving) at night. My dyslexia makes it hard to spell some words. Spell checker helps sometimes. Other times spell checker has no idea what I am spelling. So I try dragon. I found dragon gets confused when you use multiple languages. sometimes you have to pronunciate your words correctly otherwise it makes many yearssometimes you have to pronunciate your words correctly otherwise it makes many years. Years is errors. And it doubles the output.
    This is why my mother insisted educator's to administer oral test's. My spoken vocabulary is larger than my writing ability. I actually read faster if I simply turn the book upside down. I was hit many times at school because I didn't turn in written assignments. One year 39 times I felt the sting of a wooden paddle. Not to mention all the hours I got to sit in the hall to be given more time to complete written assignments while the rest of the class did fun activities. The first year of fifth grade was painful. At the end the principal asked me if I wanted to go to the sixth grade or repeat the fifth. He pointed out the bulls were bigger and the paddles more aerodynamic. Sometimes I got paddled for fighting. Like high school. Four bulls twice my size and I made a example out of one. First they called me cowboy, I said I didn't want to fight the other guy named cowboy, he had big gold belt buckle. So they called me boot's. The one bull who liked to get his three buddies and gang up on me trying to shove me in a gas dryer in the locker room. One day I got changed as fast as possible, walked up to him and kicked him so hard in the tenders, everyone in the locker room heard the impact. Then I just walked away. He never messed with me after that point. I went to five different high schools. One year of middle school, can't remember every elementary school. Every move came a new set of bulls. Some nearly died as I told them mess with the best, die like the rest. By sixth grade one gang threatened to cut my throat. Tenth grade, a smart remark got a .38 pointed at me. 22nd birthday some gang banger unloaded a clip at me. First round hit the passenger door, second front fender, third was front tire and not sure where the rest of the clip went.
    Most call me a survivor. I tell people, how do you kill something that has already died?
    If it wasn't for my father 40 years ago I would be dead from the electrical scar left on my lip, when I somehow made contact with the black wire. Spent most of my life terrified of AC current. Things unplugged or used batteries I would tinker with. For a long time my fear was so bad I would only use hand tools. Trust me a skilsaw makes that cut a hundred times faster. Then in my thirties I decided I wanted to build a Tesla coil. I slowly overcame most of my fear. I still don't trust it. I do have respect for it. Never forget the day the 7kv transformer was unplugged but I forgot to discharge it. Got like 2 inches away 50mm left arm went numb. Took a couple weeks before I was willing to tinker with it again. Six finger's of death project, I don't show how to build it. After three days of exposure I soon found myself weak. My battery in my phone that I tried to get close while the camera on. Dead after 24 seconds of exposure. The audio was intact, the video was very strange. The display on the phone was acting strange as well. Since my wife works at a hospital I asked her to ask someone in radiology how to acquire a badge. My uncle who works on xray machines. He said by the video there was a high level of X and gamma radiation being emitted. Some others who seen it said research Dr. Reed. My mother the other day asked if the projects I was working on were antigravity devices. As someone was showing her things about antigravity. Ion lifters. Gyroscopic devices. I told her some were. She only noticed things like lines on the television. She had no clue what half my projects did. Most people don't. Something's are hard to see. Like radio waves. Electric current. Magnetic fields.

    Edward shows different examples on how to see. Like leaves blowing in the wind. You don't see wind, you see the effects of wind.

    Not sure if this will play a wav file.
  • RB,
    @CONSTITiTION do you know the size of the flywheel and the rings on top? Have you applied your research to it? I'm curious to hear.

    I spent quite a bit of time in the past playing around with the flywheel geometry from different angles of viewpoint. Once I bought an original Model T flywheel magnet online and I have it.. based on what he had. I then reproduced his flywheel from pics on Autocad. Not that hard if you know the "V" magnet dimensions. You just build everything from that.

    Another angle I found in the past that was very interesting was the sacred geometry of what I like to think of as "dimensional gateways". One of them incidentally is related to my above posts in this link.. as I was contemplating it the last couple days I saw the tie-in back to those finds. Here is what I mean in short about dimensional gateways.

    Take simple circle and square.... the age-old problem of squaring the circle and also apply to the next dimension of cube and sphere. Here is the equations that have captured my attention for quite a few years now:

    circumference = perimeter .... 2*pi*r = 4 ...... r = 2/pi .. this is the one above and now finding everywhere in EDL's numbers

    area = area ..... pi*r^2 = 1...... r = sqrt(1/pi)

    surface area = surface area..... 4*pi*r^2 = 6... r = sqrt((3*pi)/2)

    volume = volume... ((4*pi)/3)*(r^3) = 1.. r = (3/(4*pi)^(1/3)

    One fact that particularly catches my attention is the fact that the first dimensional gateway is related to the 2nd one. The 2nd one is roughly 0.564 and the first one is 0.636... 2/pi / (sqrt(1/pi) =

    So, both of these circles are in squaring the circle relationship to each other. So, in past I carried this line of reasoning on up the dimensions... to look for a pattern. I then found relationships in the flywheel that were interesting to me at the time. But I can't remember them all now.
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