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Lets solve A Book In Every Home



  • poughkeepsieblue - Forrest, What "original book" are you referring to in your initial post? And why do you think the new owners changed the name to CC over ROCK GATE?

    The original book of ABIEH has many more photos, ed had many misspelled words, compound words that shouldn't be, dashes in the middle of words that shouldn't be there. And well the cover photo shows something kinda interesting.
    Do you remember the story of the kids who said they said saw ED. L. Leviate stones by using I've cream cones. Well there an ice cream cone looking thing leaning on his left foot. Not sure what it is but its there.

    Another photo in the book is a s
    Picture of really nothing until you look at his bench in the picture. I wouldn't build a bench like that. I think I its the pi symbol.
  • The owners of the now called Coral Castle probably figured it out. Rock gate I feel strongly as a clue.
    R O C K. G A T E
    5.2. 3 . 7 1 7.5
    5X2X3X2= 90
    How in Pythagorean theorem you get rid of zeros. 9 times 2 times 4 times 5 equals 360
    I think that references the number Pi because there is 360 degrees in a circle.

    Now let's add each group 5 plus 2 plus 3 equals 10. 7 + 1 + 7 + 5 equals 20.
    Whether you add the two total numbers up 10 + 20 equals 30 or if you multiply them it comes out to 300 either way it comes out to 3.
  • ok, I see, youre using marty's mason gematria. I'm well aware of his work, and I suppose if it works on ed's work, then who am I to say it's wrong. There's several forms of english gematria, ed uses the common 1-9, but mostly he sticks to traditional 1-26. Like dante asked, about edward marlinski's book, If you haven't read it, he makes a good case for ed's use of traditional 1-26. But if the 1-7-1 works, then it works. It works for marty, and he does some pretty impressive number spinning.

    Original books... you mean these?

    Well you can get copies of those right here on this site! I got you matt...
    But the originals are very obtainable. Vintage copies can be found periodically on ebay etc.

    I would attempt to assure you, ed used 1-26 gematria on the words ROCK GATE. If you know ed marlinski's work, he makes a good argument for using an enigma machine on the name ROCK GATE. But without knowing what you know about ED M or enigma, a more practical way to use ROCK GATE is 1-26, with a caesar shift.
    Just remember, ed was a total perfectionist. Only 100 per cent will do.
    Spend some time around perusing old posts here, you may find some of the info useful. Or at least, you may find some compliments to your own work. Sound, light, and vibration are all key markers to ed's work, so finding them among his words, usually mark a trail, so to say. Good luck.
  • The books that are sold now are not an exact match to the original books.
  • Dante,
    I spent a lot of time thinking about teslas 2 most famous quotes. If you want a key to the universe thinking energy, frequency and vibration and if you only knew the magnificence of 3 6 9.

    what could he have meant?
    Why did he say it the way he said it?
    Is there a secret hidden in those statements?
  • "The books that are sold now are not an exact match to the original books."

    Yes, there are some differences... dante can attest to that, he has some old copies he has posted pics of. Most hardcore ed decoders find the copies obtainable from CC to be more than satisfactory. The differences are not enough to hinder decoding in any way. Not any way I have found, or ever heard complained about.
    If you are concerned they have been altered, they may have been, but they still contain the information ed seems to want you to know. Err, wants most of us to know.
  • 369 in my opinion are numbers that express a relationship or pattern that can fit into many things probably vibration, space, energy etc.
    Here is a random example where I can find 369 in Eds numbers....
    6105195 - 5915016 = 190179
    190 + 179 = 369

    Or 432....
    7129 + 9217 = 16346
    1x6x3x4x6 = 432

    Normally numbers need to be translated into shapes, then shapes pasted to the night sky to reveal a purpose.

    The numbers above are either coincidence, or related to space, time or frequency. I remain neutral with these numbers until " the next step is flashed with light "

    To the best of my knowledge I have one really old copy of A Book in Every Home. It's a similar copy to the one Coral Castle distributes today. I know of several versions of the book pertaining to the photos displayed.
    Coral Castle as it exists today could do better business with just a few minor improvements.

    I would suggest EDM'S book, if you have the time to do the research.

    If you can't make any further connections, or are stuck in rut, upgrade your experience with other fields of research.
  • Dante, 432 code is eds code. Why does everybody keep calling him coincidences. How many coincidences do you have to have until that's the path that you follow until you've exhausted every piece of intellectual Excellence that you have. Perform Gematria on Ed's born built moved Latvia carving and then tell me you still think its a coincidence.
  • Ok lets do the picture that says at work.

    A T. W O R K
    1. 7. 4. 2. 5. 3
    1+7. 4+2+5+3
    = 8. = 14

    8. X. 14. Equals 112(the first 3 numbers in the sequence, coincidence I think not).

    Now for shits and giggles lets USE 6 AND 3

    A T W O R K

    6th letter is K
    3rd letter is W
    K is the 11th letter of the alphabet
    W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet

    Put those together you get 1123( the first four digits of the Fibonacci sequence, but that's just a coincidence too I'm sure).

  • Forrest said:

    The books that are sold now are not an exact match to the original books.

    Please elaborate on these differences you speak of. Photographic evidence of these differences would be better. Thanks
  • Forrest said:

    Have you ever researched astronomical distances?
    The moon is 2160 miles in diameter and its radius is 1080 miles, the sun is diameter is 864,000 and its radius is 432,000 miles.
    Or the crazy fact that the distance from the earth to the moon is equal to "108 moons", or the distance from earth to the sun is equal to "108 suns" or the fact the the distance across the sun is "108 earths".

    I don't really want to discuss this here in this forum, but what if the distance to the sun, to the moon, the size of them is totally different and what you are pointing out is only proving a mathematical construct, which has no base in reality?
  • If it is an anagram, would changing the order of the letters change the numbers that could be derived from it? I have noticed that both of the words "heavy" and "iron" could be created out of the letters used for the title. That may be nothing, but also, maybe something...
  • I have not had time yet to write the difference in the two books yet but know that changing 1 letter or adding or subtracting a letter would change the math.
    The numbers are everything to this guy. Look at this sign. the ADM sign. ADM = 144 if you are using the numerical position of each letter. Funny coincidence the ADM sign reads
    ADM. 10(CENT SYMBOL). so backwards it say (cent symbol is the letter c)
    C01 MDA(M becomes 1 in my cipher)
    301. 141
    MAYBE IT MEANS 3.141. PI???????
  • Another "coincidence" the sentance
    1. 9. 6. 5. 4.
    1x9x6x5x4 = 1080(sane as ED.L. sign)
    Or since it is written twice it says(front cover and 1st sentance written inside the book)
    1080 x 2 = 2160. Another coincidence I think not.
    I have not solved his riddle yet but with all of the mathematical coincidences I'm certain we should all be looking for a mathematical answer.
  • Forrest, I highly suggest you peruse the posts on this site. If Maths is what you're looking for, ed is rife with math, lots and lots of it has been exposed. If you're looking for more, there have been other discussion forums about ed in the past, which can be accessed using the wayback machine, on the web.
    You're right, numbers are everything. Ed left something for all those who seek him, and if you see 432, then perhaps 432 is where you should follow. All ed's paths lead to the gate, you just have to find your trail. If the gematria you're using works for you, perhaps it's correct, for you, I'm not one to say it's wrong. But I would also consider sticking to the old 1-26, or 1-9, 1-9, 1-8. It's been pretty much proven, to me at least, that ed uses 1-26, and sometimes condenses the 2 digit numbers to one digit, hence 1-9.
    I can understand you're new, and I respect that, everyone starts somewhere, but you might want to study what others have already found. You said "with all of the mathematical coincidences I'm certain we should all be looking for a mathematical answer." You're right, they're not coincidences, ed's code is math and letters and gematria, and most of us who have looked for it have found it, somewhat. This is mostly my opinion, but I've proven to myself that eds code is math, it exists, and his gematria is straightforward, 1-26. That's my amateur professional coral castle codebreaker opinion. If you're serious about ed, and his code. You can find lots of legwork on the subject, right here on this site, plus lots of good insight.

    Now my personal opinion... I'm trying to help, but I can't help someone who doesn't listen to said help or advice. This site is full of seasoned codebreakers, who have opened lots of doors to ed's world. When I say peruse the site, I mean, learn from those who have come before you. Also, simplify, drop that marty leeds gematria, cause it's not what ed used... in fact you pointed out the pi in the ADM sign, but you messed it up using that crap gematria... watch, you said ADM 10 C= 141 10 3, and backwards was 3 01 141, now that's a real stretch to get pi... but use standard 1-26 gematria and ADM 10 C = 1413 10 3 backwards is 3 01 3141 or 3 01 3.141, easy as pi(e). Go further, and traditionally when striking number 0 into a letter, 0 (zero) which has no gematria, becomes X. So you can even tie it farther into the ADM 10C drop below sign, by doing some more maths.
    3 01 3.141
    keep pi but convert the 0 into X
    and multiply
    3x 1(3.141) in other words 3 multiplied by one pi
    3xpi = 9.424777961
    which is dropped below 10, just below center of 9 and 10, and the C is also a center mark in construction.
    That may be a stretch... I know it's a stretch to think ADM 10 C = 1413 J C= Jesus Christ? And backward C J 3.141... and I'm J, by the way... maybe ed's telling me to "SEE" pi, just like I found it in his copyright. See, oh, pi... right.
    Like I said, I can prove to myself ed used 1-26, but can it be proven to you? Or for you? That's for you to find out. You might find out 1-7-1 works better for you, but ed expects you to work for it. In fact, another thing you are wrong about, the first sentence to appear inside ABIEH is not a repeat of A Book In Every Home... it's "AT WORK" The first sentence inside ed's first book is 'At Work.' Because ed respects hard, dedicated work, more than any intelligence or learned knowledge. I'll tell you a secret, ed's secret, and it's not enlightment or hidden knowledge, it's simple, hard, respectable, work. Plain and simple work. Whatever your work may be. That's why ABIEH starts with AT WORK, and ends with ed saying those who can't do good work, "should perish." Amen ed...
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