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Has anyone read the book ?

It gives a coherent description of the true nature of electricity, magnetism, light, and everything else.

It's a good start to understand acquire a perspective on how the universe works, and how Ed did it.

I'm attaching an excerpt of the book here below, in TXT format.


  • I'll try to start a discussion around this by selecting relevant passages that describe the Oahspe cosmogony, which is entirely similar to the conclusions to which Pierluigi Ighina arrived during his life, and to what is described by Ken Wheeler (Theoria Apophasis on youtube) using a different terminology.

    The universe is made only of two things, a solution and a solute, called ether and corpor. The tendency of corpor is to dissolve itself into ether - nothing is ever created or destroyed.
    2-1. There are two known things in the universe: ethe and corpor. The former is the solvent of the latter.

    2-2. For comparison, take a lump of table-salt, which, though white, is impervious to the sight of man. Cast it into water, and it is lost to sight; though it still existeth, the sight of man can see through it.

    3-31. Wherefore it is said, the tendency of corpor is to uncorpor itself (dissolve or evaporate). [...]
    Units (atoms) of corpor (matter) are undifferentiated - there is only one single element in nature. This element then differentiates into many when its bound to a vortex. It is the vortex that gives the element a configuration in space (size of the vortex, direction and speed of rotation, density -- Ighina said they had a pulse too).
    3-20. They have said there are five elements of corpor; then again sixty; and a hundred. But in time they will say there are millions. And yet all of them are comprehended in the word corpor. To resolve them, discover them, and classify them, and their combinations, is the work of man. Where they are aggregated together, as the earth, the result is called a CREATION, or a created world. When such a globe is dissolved in ethe and sublimated, it is said a world is destroyed, or a star is destroyed. Nevertheless, in any of these operations, no one ingredient as such is annihilated. What is creation more than to make a drop of rain; or the dissolution of a world more than the evaporation of a drop of water?
    NOTE: Ken wheeler describes it like so

    Units (atoms) of corpor are kept together by vortices of ether, in which case corpor can be called a crystal. All matter is a crystal. In crystals a vortex of ether is formed at the perimeter of the material object (which constitutes the master vortex around the object), and inside the matter little vortices hold fixed in place the atoms of corpor (matter).
    3-28. Cast water on a dusty floor and the drops of water will assume globular forms, being coated with dust. For convenience sake it is said that the globular form is natural to a liquid, and it is called the globular power. But it is nevertheless caused by a power external to itself. Approach one of the drops of water, which lieth coated with dust, with a piece of cloth, and instantly the globe of water breaketh and climbeth up into the cloth. This is erroneously called capillary attraction. But in fact the water had no attraction for the cloth, nor the cloth for the water. The power which accomplished this was external to both, and was the same in kind as the vortexya that brought the earth to its center and maintained it therein.

    3-29. Withdraw the vortexian power, and the earth would instantly go into dissolution. When the cloth approacheth the drop of water, it breaketh the vortex thereof, and the water goeth into divisible parts into the cloth, in search of negative polarity.

    Corpor cannot manifest by itself any power or force. However, corpor can act as a storage of energy inasmuch as "powerful" the vortices are -- that is, possibly, inasmuch as firmly the units (atoms) of corpor are held together by the vortices (which, again, have a size, a direction and a speed of rotation, a density, perhaps a pulse and possibly other characteristics)
    1-27. Corpor, as such, hath no power in any direction whatever: Neither attraction of cohesion, nor attraction of gravitation; nor hath it propulsion. But it is of itself inert in all particulars. As two ships sailing near each other will collide, or as two balls suspended by long cords will approach each other somewhat, the cause lieth not in the ships or the balls, but in what is external to them.

    Vortices can be positive or negative.
    1-9. The name of the force of the vortex is called vortexya, that is, positive force, because it is arbitrary and exerteth east and west. As in the case of a wheel turning on its axis, its force will be at right angles with its axis, the extreme center of which will be no force.

    1-10. For which reason the north and south line of the earth's vortex is called the m'vortexya, or negative force, for it is the subject of the other. As a whirlwind gathereth up straw and dust, which travel toward the center of the whirlwind, and to the poles thereof, even so do corporeal substances incline to approach the poles of the earth's vortex. Which may be proved by poising a magnetized needle.
  • Magnetism, light, electricity, heat, gravity, and all other forces that we observe are only manifestations of the currents created by the vortices
    3-11. As light, and heat, and magnetism, and electricity, are all one and the same thing, which are the manifestation of vortexian currents under different conditions, the student must not lose sight of the fact that none of these so-called things are things in fact, that is, entities of themselves, separately or combined.

    1-21. When vortexya is manifested in flames of fire it is called electricity. But when it lieth dormant, as in iron, it is called magnetism.

    1-22. Where two corporeal substances are rubbed quickly together, friction and heat result; this is a manifestation of vortexya.

    3-36. Nevertheless, the herbs as such, have no power to produce heat; by their rapid dissolution, the vortexya in them endeavoreth to escape to some pole. The heat in herbs, and seeds, and plants, and other growing things, is because they are the objective points of the actinic force of vortexya. And this heat in herbs is equivalent to the same thing in iron, which is called magnetism. And its liberation or polar manifestation is, after all, one and the same thing as that which is discharged in a magnetic flame called electricity.

    3-39. Though a man burn a stick of wood, he can produce no more heat therefrom than what was stored therein.

    A perfect magnet is described like so:
    1-46. The form of a true magnet of steel, to manifest the greatest positive, and greatest negative force, should be nearly a right-angle triangle, after the manner of a line of vortexya from the equatorial surface of the earth to its center, and thence toward the north pole. By having two such magnets, and bringing their poles together, a square is produced, which now balanceth its recipency and its emission of vortexya. (See cut C, Figs. 2 and 3.)
    Light is a polarization/orientation of the vortices in ether.
    1-35. Neither light, nor heat, nor attraction of gravitation cometh from the sun to the earth. Heat decreaseth in force in proportion to the square of the distance from the place of generation; nevertheless, an allowance of decrease must be added thereunto of one to the hundred. Light decreaseth in proportion to the divisibility of rays, as will be mentioned hereafter. Though a man see the light of the sun, as he seeth a horse in a field, yet there is no such thing as travel of light in fact; nor is there any substance of light. But that which is called light is polarity of corporeal needles in solution, caused by the lines of vortexya. In experiments on earth, the flash requireth a certain time to polarize these infinitesimal needles, and for convenience sake such lapse of time is called the travel of light. When the flash continueth, as in the case of the sun center, the master's infinitesimal needles remain poised from the sun center outward, even to the earth, and may be compared to telegraph wires, with a battery at each end. But there is no travel in any sense whatever. Daylight is not, therefore, made by the sun, nor by the photosphere of the sun. Daylight is the condition of things polarized within the master vortex. Night is manufactured by the earth coming betwixt the master's focus and the outer extreme. So that both night and day continue all the time; and we realize them both alternately in consequence of the axial motion of the earth. As in the case of night, or of any darkness, when the needles of atmospherean substance are disturbed in polarity, or when the lines of needles are cut, as in eclipse, there is no direct manifestation of the earth's vortexian currents, and such is the cause of darkness. For which reason nitrogenous plants grow rapidly at night, whilst the ripening of certain fruits and grains require the light of day. For by this vortexya are seeds and grains and fruits charged with it. Whereof when man eateth, or, as in breathing air, these things go into dissolution, as hereinafter mentioned, the heat is eliminated, and lodgeth itself in man. Or if certain herbs be piled together, and they commence dissolution, their heat is evolved, and is called spontaneous combustion.
  • All observable phenomena are a manifestation of the changes in vortices. The planetary phenomena (like ebb & tide) are manifestations of a change in the planet's vortex.
    1-20. In like manner the vortex of the earth constantly chargeth the earth with its vortexya in the east and west, and it manifesteth in the northern pole of the vortex in flames of fire, which are called Borealis. But it sometimes happeneth, over high iron mountains, that the light is manifested in other directions. A su'is can see vortexya, as is proven by placing a horseshoe magnet before him in the dark, and he will describe the polar light escaping, even though he hath not been previously informed.

    1-42. Wherein they have observed sun-spots, and said that during their presence, the temperature of the earth decreaseth, thereby reasoning that sun-spots prevented the heat of the sun falling to the earth, they have erred in two particulars: First, in defective observations and guessing at a conclusion; and second, in not having first determined the relative heat evolved from the earth at different periods in its course of travel. (Of which matter further remarks will be made hereinafter.)

    1-43. The same errors, in regard to the light of the moon, were made in the conclusions of Kepler and Humboldt, in attributing the eclipse thereof to be governed by the sun's rays being inflected by their passage through the atmosphere and thrown into the shadow cone.

    1-45. Finding a coincidence in the tides with certain phases of the moon, they have erroneously attributed the cause of tides to the power of attraction in the moon manifesting on the ocean, which is taught to this day as sound philosophy! Attraction, as previously stated, existeth not in any corporeal substance as a separate thing. There is no substance of attraction. Nor is there any substance of gravitation. These powers are the manifestation of vortexya. If vortexya be charged into a piece of iron or steel, it is called a magnet, because it APPARENTLY draweth its own kind to itself. When two pieces of steel, alike in quality, are charged with vortexya to their utmost, their power will be in proportion to their dimensions. If one be twice the size of the other, its magnetic force (so-called) will be in the main two times more powerful.

    3-17. But where they have prophesied ebb and flood tide to be caused by certain positions of the moon, they have erred in suffering themselves to ignorantly believe the cause lay with the moon. A man may prophesy by a traveling wagon what time it will reach town; but the correctness of his prophecy does not prove that the wagon pushed the horse to town. These revelations pertain more to the cause of things, than to giving new prophecies. What mortals can not discover by any corporeal observation must come by inspiration. In the year 4 B.K. Leverrier, of France, prophesied the existence of Neptune by the calculation of planetary disturbances. Other discoveries have been made in the same way; whereupon they have believed the said disturbances to be caused by one planet's power on another.

    3-18. Planetary disturbances are not caused by any power or effect of one planet on another; the cause of the disturbances lieth in the vortices wherein they float. Mortals can not see the vortices; their only means of prophesying lieth in corpor. A man may prophesy of the moon by calculations of the disturbances of the tides. But to attribute to the tides the cause of the moon's position would be no more erroneous than to attribute the cause of tides to the moon.


    Gravity is a manifestation of the power of the vortex. Positive vortices are attracted to earth. Negative vortices leave the earth (to be charged positively as they go upwards).
    1-18. Vortexya in the atmosphere will combine oxygen and hydrogen, and an explosion ensueth, which is called thunder. But if an iron wire be raised up in the air (a lightning rod), it formeth a negative center, to which the vortexya flieth quickly, following it down into the moisture of the earth, where it is dissolved.

    4-9. It is an error to say that the atmosphere of the earth decreaseth gradually and continually in specific gravity according to the distance above the earth.

    4-10. It is an error to say that there is any gravity in it, save only that it precipitateth formations like rain, snow, hail and meteoric stones. As before shown, these things have no gravity of their own to go in any direction. Nor is there any attraction in the earth to pull them down. They are driven to the earth by the vortexian current. But the point herein now considered is, the commonly expressed knowledge of men, that the atmosphere hath less density outward, away from the earth, in proportion to the distance from the earth's surface. In one respect this is an error; in another a truth: As to density PER SE there is no difference in the atmosphere on the face of the earth compared to that of a thousand miles high, or a hundred thousand miles high. It is all in even balance, as to pressure and density, PER SE . But because the etheic solution of corpor is more sublimated by swifter axial motion in the higher regions, and because the lower regions contain less perfectly dissolved corpor, the difference hath been improperly described. Air is no heavier because of rain; the weight lieth in the rain only.

    4-11. Hence the gravity (so-called) of the atmosphere hath reference only to imperfect solutions of corpor. And it is true that a superabundance of these imperfect solutions are near the earth.
    The vortex that surrounds the earth acts as a lens, magnifying the sun and giving color & heat to the energy (light) that comes from the it
    3-16. As the lens power loseth by flattening the vortex, and increaseth by rounding the vortex, it will be observed that the position of the moon's vortex relatively to the earth's, is a fair conclusion as to the times of ebb and flood tide. In periods of thirty-three years, therefore, tables can be constructed expressing very nearly the variations of vortexya for every day in the year, and to prophesy correctly as to the winters and summers, so far as light and darkness, and heat and cold, are concerned. This flattening and rounding of the vortexian lens of the earth is one cause of the wonderful differences between the heat of one summer compared with another, and of the difference in the coldness of winters, as compared with one another. Of these also, tables can be made. Winter tables made by the ancients were based on periods of six hundred and sixty-six years, and were called SATAN’S TABLES, or the TIMES OF THE BEAST. Tables made on such a basis are superior to calculations made on the relative position of the moon.

    3-29. As previously stated, in describing the positive current of vortexya being in the form of a right-angle triangle, with the angle in the center of the earth, and one leg toward the north pole, and one in the east, at the equator, it will now be perceived that the greatest cold region of the earth can not be at either the equator or the poles, but must occupy places distant from the poles in the exact ratio of the difference in the power between the positive and negative currents of vortexya and m'vortexya, and corresponding to the atmospherean lens of the earth.
  • I just remembered one thing which relates to (and possibly matches) the information about optics given by OAHSPE:

    Pierluigi Ighina apparently photographed what he called the "magnetic atom", also known as the unit of "the glue that holds matter together". He's said to have managed to shoot a photograph of this "atom" by means of a so called "microscopio lenticolare" (lens-based microscope). A photo of this microscope is available online.

    The microscope was built with lenses that were rotating at high speed.

    It could be interesting to look at behavior that light has when it collides with rotating optical devices/surfaces.
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