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The Blank Pages are the Most Important?

edited March 2016 in Decoding Ed's Writings
I would like to make a suggestion. Please excuse me if this bothers anyone but its what has been on my mind for the longest time.

One truth is not higher than another.

Ed said something along the lines of "if you do not agree with me, use the blank pages opposite".

What you resist persists.

If I see evil( (whatever that might be) (whose reality I find questionable) it is within me. How can I hate myself?

So I CHOOSE to believe there is love, peace and harmony all over the world and I have no enemies (even if someone feels themselves an enemy to me).

Consciousness is more real than physical realilty which is only a thought; The Law of Atrraction is a universal law. I see what I believe and this is supported by physics-> Energy flows where Attention goes.

Can itreally be this simple?

Were Rumi, ibn Arabii, Khalil Gibran et. al. the real Grandmasters?

Hope I don't offend anyone :)


  • the blank pages arent there to do the math as you would need considerably more space. its for when the anagrams within are revelled and rewritten beside hence the exact amount of space. for instance. at the entrance it says , you will be seeing unusual accomplishment . anagram says on use clue upon this wall by me claim genius,,, so the key was left by the door all along the clue suggests the meter possibly with entrance or en trance adding to forty three so could possibly hover thereabouts . were a word ends is crucial though forget the punctuation or the sentence.mark off in pencil then you can use highlighter pens to colour in x2 and you start to see the pattern or wave within the text. simply put as a rule books dont do that.. it takes patience and a lot of counting trial and error but its there. photocopier well handy for thisl . big is better all the best dvk
  • furthermore in fact the statement by the door is 36 letters ie you will be seeing unusual accomplishment , this is not good grammer you should be seeing a an or a s as the last 2 words begin with a vowel , so eds given us the letters he wants in truth . so with entrance adding another 8 letters we have the parameters of the meter being as written or carved in stone 48 letters so with the target set at 36;44 lets begin... line 1 to those more than fifteen thousand people who have . firstly the count is 43 so tucked neatly and or safely at one end of the meter line 2 will give you 37 coincidence ? when you do the anagram it says , a host offer help hoe out the made path woven in notes .... please be my guest and check. onto line 2 which is 37 letters as ive said, giving us 37:43 so neatly placed once again and with purpose... line 2 seen eds place i told about eds sweet sixteen. then becomes , text see between select so ends also add up 1 1.... now put the two odd vowels i and i to the math and the author is telling us 37:43 to 36:44 and no more or no less and in doing ed shows we is getting it right !!! rules as set ! line 3 is next , 40 letters long and reads : now i will tell you why i did not get the girl in eds... which becomes : ego duly thrill on with i wit in well designed toy. once again please check for yourselves , when i do the anagrams i make a master copy as follows sentence written clearly at top of page then underline, below that do a line of constanants neat and clear then bring down the vowels so you got three lines, photocopy the master copy then double check it. it will write itself if you persist or reveal if you prefer , find the key words and a bit of faith . though i would suggest do the checks a get a feel for the mindset being projected or as a form of meditation.take in the options look at and count the letters form a discipline and own it , only 246 to go thereabouts , all the best dvk
  • ;the key word in line 4 is remembrance build round it ! and enjoy. and remember ed isnt coy dvk
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