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The Blank Pages are the Most Important?

edited March 2016 in Decoding Ed's Writings
I would like to make a suggestion. Please excuse me if this bothers anyone but its what has been on my mind for the longest time.

One truth is not higher than another.

Ed said something along the lines of "if you do not agree with me, use the blank pages opposite".

What you resist persists.

If I see evil( (whatever that might be) (whose reality I find questionable) it is within me. How can I hate myself?

So I CHOOSE to believe there is love, peace and harmony all over the world and I have no enemies (even if someone feels themselves an enemy to me).

Consciousness is more real than physical realilty which is only a thought; The Law of Atrraction is a universal law. I see what I believe and this is supported by physics-> Energy flows where Attention goes.

Can itreally be this simple?

Were Rumi, ibn Arabii, Khalil Gibran et. al. the real Grandmasters?

Hope I don't offend anyone :)

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