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What happens if we anger the Gods/God ?



  • Yes, started reading Paracelsus
    trinity - often described as three, but there is only one
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    Good , but of course you don't have to.
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    The real ancient Egypt

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    Florida is known to hold the title for the lightning capitol of the United States
  • @charlie Astronauts are tough guys.. ;)
  • I thought the dispute would be over after Neil Armstrongs Widow found a cloth bag in his closet containing sharp and detailed images of the moon landing
    That was February of last year though...
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    Listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World---
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    Why are large old trees attract lighting ?
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    Charlie Wrote.

    When a son of Noah possessed the third part of the world after the Flood, this Art broke into Chaldaea and Persia, and thence spread into Egypt. The Art having been found out by the superstitious and idolatrous Greeks, some of them who were wiser than the rest betook themselves to the Chaldeans and Egyptians, so that they might draw the same wisdom from their schools. Since, however, the theological study of the law of Moses did not satisfy them, they trusted to their own peculiar genius, and fell away from the right foundation of those natural secrets and arts. This is evident from their fabulous conceptions, and from their errors respecting the doctrine of Moses. It was the custom of the Egyptians to put forward the traditions of that surpassing wisdom only in enigmatical figures and abstruse histories and terms. This was afterwards followed by Homer with marvellous poetical skill; and Pythagoras was also acquainted with it, seeing that he comprised in his writings many things out of the law of Moses and the Old Testament. In like manner, Hippocrates, Thales of Miletus, Anaxagoras, Democritus, and others, did not scruple to fix their minds on the same subject. And yet none of them were practised in the true Astrology, Geometry, Arithmetic, or Medicine, because their pride prevented this, since they would not admit disciples belonging to other nations than their own. Even when they had got some insight from the Chaldeans and Egyptians, they became more arrogant still than they were before by Nature, and without any diffidence propounded the subject substantially indeed, but mixed with subtle fictions or falsehoods; and then they attempted to elaborate a certain kind of philosophy which descended from them to the Latins. These in their turn, being educated herewith, adorned it with their own doctrines, and by these the philosophy was spread over Europe. Many academies were founded for the propagation of their dogmas and rules, so that the young might be instructed; and this system flourishes with the Germans, and other nations, right down to the present day.----Paracelsus

    @charlie where did you end up?
    Homer copied/used texts from Orpheus..pertaining to the Iliad. Remarkable
    Interesting read about the Egyptian initiate Moses, how good is your Hebrew?
    I've been collecting fossils and lining them up!
    -the secret is the secretion

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